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Video interviews of pioneering practitioners in the field and those with lived experience who have successfully transformed their lives and are making HUGE contributions to society.   All are testimony to the fact that Integrative Mental Health is a good way to go and these people are accessible to you!

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Please encourage others you know to come by and visit, if you think this information would be helpful to them.  (One in five people are now taking psychiatric medications…not knowing what other options they might have for feeling better or feeling really well.  It has become recently apparent that long-term use of these drugs erodes health and longevity.)  We intend to open the door to the full range of effective options for optimizing mental health.   We want  people to be able to make informed choices in mental health care to support wellness.  We recognize spirituality has an important role to play alongside physical and emotional well-being.

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A selection of our interviewees are listed in alphabetical order by  name  below.   Click on the underlined link to go to each persons vids (a 3-5 minute FREE  introduction of each person called a “trailer”  and a longer 20-30 minute presentation for rent that presents each one giving more details about their message and specialization.  Video on Demand: You can rent the longer 20-40 minute video for 3 days for  $3.99 each. You will be directed to first login at Vimeo.com and then you will pay the fee at Vimeo, a secure site that will not spam you.  This small rental charge helps us pay the bills here at IMHU…and helps us continue to provide this service to you.

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Mary Ackerley, MD Mary Ackerley, MD, Integrative Psychiatrist, specializes in current breakthroughs in healing from depression and anxiety
Sylene Almeida, MD Sylene Almeida, MD is a pediatrician from Brazil who used Jin Shin Jyutsu (energy work) and flower essences and intuitive skills to help her patients and clients.
Alan Bachers, PhD Alan Bachers, PhD  Director of the Neurofeedback Foundation, is a psychologist who uses neurofeedback to assist clients with learning disorders and emotional issues to overcome their problems.
Dan Benor, MD Dan Benor, MD, Integrative Psychiatrist, author, specializes in peak performance and healing from trauma
David Berceli, PhD David Berceli, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, specializes in recovering from Trauma.
Dr Chadha Dr. Pradeep Chadha, a psychiatrist from Dublin, Ireland, whom has created a specific kind of psychotherapy which helps people not only recover but maintain a high quality of life.
Javier DeSalas Javier DeSalas, Spiritual Healer, offering retreats that are uplifting and enlightening–both in Europe and in the USA.
Dan Engle, MD Dan Engle, MD, is a board-certified psychiatrist who lives in California.  He is the consulting psychiatrist to many retreat centers that focus on ending addiction through practices that go beyond the limitations of conventional psychiatry.  Thus, he is a pioneer.
Faust Peter and Jamy Faust, teach the Constellation Approach for healing dysfunctional family patterns to return to the pure love that underlies these deep relationships.
Sandra Glickman, MA Sandra Glickman, MA, Spiritual Counselor and Waking Down Teacher, has a private practice for individuals and is also a teacher for groups.  She helps clients heal emotional wounds and becoming more enlightened.
Michael Gurevich, MD Michael Gurevich, MD is a holistic psychiatrist, Board Certified in  Addiction Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine, and also certified to practice Acupuncture, EMDR,  Autonomic Response Testing and many other treatment methods.
Brack Jefferys, PhD Brack Jefferys, PhD, is a psychologist who founded and now directs the Spiritual Emergence Center in Asheville, North Carolina.  This is the first center of its kind in the world and may well be a model for other centers throughout the world.
Alice Lee MD Alice Lee, MD, ABIHM combines nutritional medicine (orthomolecular psychiatry), energy medicine, and other alternative therapies in the holistic and integrative treatment of mental health conditions.
Jill Leigh Jill Leigh, Director of the Energy Healing Institute, is both a teacher, and healing practitioner.
Rick Leskowitz, MD Rick Leskowitz, MD, Integrative Psychiatrist, is a specialist in healing chronic pain, engaging peak performance, and using the full spectrum of care to overcome emotional disturbances.
Rebecca Lovejoy, PhD Rebecca Lovejoy, PsyD is a psychologist and practices energy healing. She is both a teacher and a healing practitioner.
Judith Pentz, MD Judith Pentz, MD, Integrative Psychiatrist, is in private practice and is also very interested in setting up residential treatment for people in extreme states/ first break psychosis.
Russell Razzaque, MD Russell Razzaque, MD is a pioneering psychiatrist, an advocate of the New Paradigm Alliance, calling for change in mental healthcare.  He is especially interested in making use of the peer movement, mindfulness training and Open Dialogue to improve mental healthcare.
Don and Martha Rosenthal Don and Martha Rosenthal have been leading groups for more than two decades on bringing spirituality  into close relationships.  Don is a psychotherapist and spiritual counselor.  
Paula Sellars, MSW Paula Sellars, MSW, Social Worker, Awakened via Oneness University, is a consciousness trainer, and documentary film producer.
Shawn Tassone Shawn Tassone, MD, PhD(c), Transpersonal Psychology and Medicine, is an OBGYN and author.  He speaks about how unusual spiritual experiences can enhance life.
Judy Tsafrir, MD Judy Tsafrir, MD is a holistic child and adult psychiatrist in Newton, MA. She is dedicated to healing through integration of heart, mind, body and soul.
Jim Tucker, MD Jim Tucker, MD,  Psychiatrist, is a  researcher documenting  stories of reincarnation from around the world.  He also teaches psychiatry at the U. of Virginia medical school and is in private practice.
Robert Whitaker Robert Whitaker, Award-winning author; gives us an overview of US Mental Healthcare system, as well as the power and pitfalls of psychiatric medications.
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