Jamy and Peter Faust

Jamy and Peter Faust are facilitators of the “Constellation Approach”.  The originator of Constellation work is Bert Hellinger, a psychologist and prolific author from Germany, who seeks to draw out the pure love that lies within all of our relationships.  Peter is a licensed acupuncturist who previously taught at the Barbara Brennan School. Jamy is a licensed holistic psychotherapist and energy worker.  They combined their knowledge of energy and consciousness with their training in Hellinger’s System’s approach to develop the “Constellation Approach”. They generously acknowledge their study with Ralph Metzner, PhD and direct training with Bert Hellinger, as vital to the work they do.

Jamy and Peter have been married for almost 25 years, as of 2014.  They have been dedicated to their own personal evolution as individuals and as a couple and bring a wealth of experience to training facilitators in their method as well as being therapists in both group settings and in individual work.

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