Michael Gurevich, MD

Michael Gurevich, MD is a holistic psychiatrist, Board Certified in  Addiction Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine, and also certified to practice Acupuncture, EMDR, guided imagery, Autonomic Response Testing and many other treatment methods. He often collaborates with a board certified naturopath.  He writes, “In summer 2000, I met my mentor, Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D., who taught me how to personalize treatment of every patient based on muscle testing.  I began to learn the importance of nutrition, hormones and toxins, and ways to resolve physical and emotional traumas. I also began to understand that there were ways to treat mental conditions without medications, and that medications themselves can be an obstacle to full recovery. I learned ways to get patients off medications and help them to heal.

Click the link in blue below to view an intro (trailer) for free and/or rent Gurevich’s 28 minute video presentation. Highly recommended!: Michael Gurevich, MD Video Interview

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