Pradeep Chadha, MD

Dr. Chadha prefers a particular model of psychotherapy to treating with psychiatric medications. He refers to himself as a “drugless psychiatrist” and calls his work ‘Chadha Model: Subjective Emotive Brief Therapy’.  It involves two elements: patients learn a relaxation exercise to be done each day that teaches how to calm the system and does regular psychotherapy to release tension accumulated from various situations.  Clients achieve realizations, insight, forgiveness of themselves and others.  Traumatic memories become neutralized and emotions dissipated.  Positivity is the final outcome.  Some form of ongoing meditation practice is advised on completion of the therapy.

Click the link in blue below to view the intro (trailer) for free and/or rent Dr. Chadha’s 27 minute video presentation. Although Dr. Chadha has his office in Dublin, Ireland, he works with people from all over the world. Highly recommended!: Pradeep Chadha, MD Video Interview

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