Rebecca Lovejoy, PhD

Rebecca Lovejoy, PsyD was initially trained and licensed as a clinical psychologist. She trained extensively in the treatment of trauma, with a particular focus on feminist and multicultural contexts. Rebecca spent the majority of her psychology career working in community mental health in the Boston area.She later developed her skills as an energy worker through the Energy Healing Institute of Boston, MA. She also completed courses in Esoteric Healing and the Sunpoint Method. She now skillfully uses both her conventional training and her newer training to assist her clients in her private practice in New Hampshire & Vermont. One of Rebecca’s specialties is teaching healthcare professionals and healers about “Energy Hygiene”. This transmits valuable resources so that psychotherapists and healers stay empowered and do not take on the energy of the complexities/ pain in their clients. Energy Hygiene is rarely taught in graduate schools or trainings but may be essential to maintaining balance. She discusses Energy Hygiene in more depth in her longer presentation.

Click the link in blue below to view an intro (trailer) for free and/or rent  this 25 minute video presentation. Highly recommended!: Rebecca Lovejoy, PsyD Video Interview

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