Russell Razzaque, MD

Russell Razzaque, MD is a pioneering psychiatrist in the UK working at NHS.  He is an advocate of the “New Paradigm Alliance”, calling for change in mental healthcare.  He is especially interested in the peer movement, mindfulness training and Open Dialogue and is researching improvement in outcomes of mental healthcare providers who are trained in these techniques. Dr. Razzaque is also the author of  Breaking Down is Waking up: The connection between psychological distress and spiritual awakening (2014)  This book explores an entirely new way of understanding psychological and mental distress based on clinical case studies from a mental hospital. His extraordinary conclusion: mental illness can be a form of spiritual awakening.

Click the link in blue below to view an intro (trailer) for free and/or rent Razzaque’s 30 minute video presentation. Highly recommended!: Russell Razzaque, MD Video Interview

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