Sylene Almeida, MD

Sylene Almeida, MD. is a pediatrician from Brazil who recently left hospital work to dedicate herself to helping children and adults heal. She uses a form of energy work called JinShinJyutsu (developed and used in Japan) and flower essences which she has developed at her business “Flores do Vento” (Flowers of the Wind). She is also a medium who uses her intuitive skills in diagnosis and healing treatments. One thing that makes her so extraordinary is she uses her conventional training as a medical doctor along with her other skills in private practice as well as in an emergency room clinic outside of Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. She tells stories of her successes in the longer presentation. She is a model of an integrative care physician who profoundly knows the value of spirituality in healing and wellness.

Click the link in blue below to view an intro (trailer) for free and/or rent this 25 minute video presentation. Highly recommended!: Sylene Almeida, MD Video Interview

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