The Future of Health Care: The armed services are using integrative mental health because it works the best…the general public deserves the same.

Integrative Mental Health Steps Up: While psychiatrists fight over the validity of their diagnoses and treatment, integrative mental healthcare takes on leadership.

Dr Gabor Mate_Causes Of Illness: The cause of mental disturbance and addiction is generally based in trauma.  Spiritual practices can be curative along with psychotherapy.

Nutrient Power: There is important research documenting the power of natural nutrients in healing addiction and other mental disturbances.

ADHD_Problem_Treatment: ADHD is widespread and these brief articles indicate a new kind of treatment is both needed and accessible.

Success Treating Depression: War-torn impoverished countries are treating depression with great success without drugs.  Let us remember we can, too.

Dr Healy_Challenges Big Pharma: This MD’s website is gathering information on the downside of over-reliance on pharmaceuticals for improving mental health.

Shopping for Mental Health: What’s available online and how these entries may be skewed.  Let the Buyer Be aware!

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