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Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Failing?

Researchers have found that CBT is roughly half as effective in treating depression as it used to be. Everybody loves cognitive behavioral therapy. It’s the no-nonsense, quick and relatively cheap approach to mental suffering – with none of that Freudian bollocks,

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How Meditation Helps Your Game

Russell Razzaque, MD

Fortunately, it’s becoming increasingly more acceptable for a medical doctor or psychiatrist to teach about spirituality while he or she is active in private practice.  Russell Razzaque, a psychiatrist based in London who work within the NHS, teaches his patients mindfulness

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Worn Down by Anxiety or Depression? Trade-in for a New Vehicle, No Charge

Transformation: From unhappy multimillionaire to a man empowering others and being in bliss. Although James Lynn had been born into a family of poor cotton farmers, he had worked his way to the top through discipline and his genius for

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Funny Video: Mindfulness for Kids

Got kids?  Do you want to help them be more focused?  Mindfulness Meditation will be taught on Sesame Street this coming Fall, 2013, starting September 16th!  Well, I don’t know about the real close your eyes and be quiet kind of meditation…but

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