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Our Fear of Psychic Phenomena

I just returned from a fantastic conference: the 2nd International Medical Spiritist Congress, “The Dawn of a New Era in Medicine”, October 1-2, 2016, at George Washington University in Washington, DC.  The roster of speakers was world class–almost all of

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Mysticism and Psychosis

This article was originally published in Seeds of Unfolding, Vol. VI, No. 4, Fall 1989. It is one of a number of papers written by Dr. Tomás Agosin, a psychiatrist in the Department of Psychiatry at Albert Einstein College of Medicine

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Human Flourishing

After 21 years of private practice, Dr. Elliot Dacher, a family practice MD, began an in-depth study of the principles and practices of consciousness and health.  He pursued his study researching the subtle aspects of integrative medicine for many years,

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Treating Spiritual Emergency

One of the most unusual ways of looking at mental health crises is they are all “spiritual emergencies”. After volunteering within the Spiritual Emergency Network for 7 years, and dedicating much of my lifework as a therapist to facilitating a

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What is a Spiritually Transformative Experience (STE)?

An experience is spiritually transformative when it causes people to perceive themselves and the world profoundly differently: by expanding the individual’s identity, augmenting their sensitivities, and thereby altering their values, priorities and appreciation of the purpose of life. This may

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