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Continuing Ed credits and partial scholarships available.

How to Effectively Support Someone in Spiritual Emergency: 5 Online Webinars

Understand and learn from an expert about the basics of how to manage psycho-spiritual, transformative crises within yourself or with ones you care for.

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Live Practicum: Achieve Certification as a Spiritual Emergence Coach

After taking the 5 online webinars about Spiritual Emergency—the Practicum gives you live experiential exercises and training to help you become more confident in coaching others. (Further explanation of Certification and Coaches Directory)

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FREE Spiritual Emergency: What is it?

Learn from the experts about this very normal category of human experience that has been confused with mania or psychosis.

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FREE: Psychosis: What is it?

Review different perspectives about psychosis and get a free book that gives an enlightening perspective from qualified experts on appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

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A New Paradigm of Mental Healthcare: Brazil’s Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals and Community Centers

A week long live seminar in Brazil exposes participants to a model of integrative care that attends to body, mind and spirit with a special emphasis on spiritual healing that has been used since the 1890s.

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Ibogaine: A Non-Pharmaceutical Road Out of Addiction to Opioids and More

Learn about a plant from Africa that has been effectively used for centuries to interrupt addiction, increase awareness, and open individuals to greater well-being.

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The Power of Peer Support: A Survey

Mental health organizations that train and employ workers in peer support are finding they can enhance the positive potential for recovery and healing in clients as well as optimize morale in workers.

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6 Psychiatrists Who Can Help in Spiritual Emergency

An introduction to the kind of psychiatrists who know that spirituality is deeply intertwined with mental health and must be part of optimizing mental health.

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Kundalini and BioEnergy vis a vis Spiritual Emergency

Learn to recognize true kundalini experiences and what you need to do to expand into full kundalini awakening.

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10 Reasons to Add Spirituality to Mental Healthcare and Why

People who feel disturbed recover more quickly when their spirituality is addressed and given a meaningful role in healing and healthcare.

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Developing Intuition & Working with Subtle Energies

Explore the realm of our positive potential with psychic sensitivities, especially as they apply to being excellent healers.

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Meditations That Benefit Spiritual Emergence

This clarifies the difference between meditations that are best for grounding and those best for dynamic movement toward full Self-realization.

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Embodiment and Grounding vis a vis Spiritual Emergence with Jill Leigh

An empowering presentation giving practical instructions on the metaphysical aspects of grounding via working with one’s own energy fields.

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FREE Psychiatric Medications and Spiritual Emergence, 2017

Psych Meds may be helpful in crisis but may also interfere with a spiritual emergence process—a valuable perspective to know more about.

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Integrative Approach to Mental Health Issues

– mostly online, available ANYTIME

Continuing Ed Credits available for providers. Partial scholarships, as well.

FREE: Introduction to Integrative Mental Health

Slide presentation by medical doctors gives the basics of how to care for yourself and your family from an integrative perspective without over-relying on psychiatric medications.

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FREE: From Over-diagnosis and Over-medication to Empowering New Choices

Learn where we have arrived after practicing over-diagnosis and over-medication in mental health…and receive resources to improve mental health more naturally.

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9 Psychiatrists Transforming Psychiatry: When Psych Meds are No Longer #1

As you meet these 9 pioneering psychiatrists you will come to better recognize the kind of psychiatrist you might want to consult or collaborate with—or become!

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Relief from Bipolar: When Psych Meds are No Longer #1

A Bipolar diagnosis is not a life sentence—it can be managed as a condition, often without medication.

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Going Beyond Anxiety and Depression: Improving Well-being Without Medication

Learn effective ways to overcome moderate depression and anxiety more naturally and avoid the toxicity of psychiatric medications.

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Seven Essentials for Creating Thriving Relationships

Learning these basics of maintaining loving relationships can make the difference between the trauma of disruption and hopelessness–and deep satisfaction and joy.

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Strengthen Attention, Reduce ADHD–Naturally

Attention can be remedied effectively in a natural way that avoids the sideeffects of psychiatric medications.

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Possible Cures for Autism

Explore research that reveals new pathways to minimize the effects of Autism for many on the Autistic Spectrum.

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Membership in IMHU’s A-V Library

With a membership you can, at your convenience, freely dip into any of IMHU’s unique video interviews with people who illuminate a new path for psychiatry and psychology.

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