Courses at IMHU

Spiritual Emergence/ Emergency

All are welcome!  
Continuing Ed credits and partial scholarships available. 

How to Effectively Help Someone in Spiritual Emergency

  • Series of 5 Online Live Webinars: July 11-August 8, 2016, EST (New York city Time)
    OR October 10-Nov 7,  1-2:30pm, EST. More info

Practicum (on location only)

Certification as a Spiritual Emergence Coach

First take course and practicum above.  Submit application before practicum.

Continuing Education in Spiritual Emergence -mostly online

  • FREE: Psychiatric Medications and Spiritual Emergence, 2016 More info.
  • LIVE Tour: (Nov 13-20, 2016) A New Paradigm-Brazil’s Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals and Community Centers More info.
  • 6 Psychiatrists Who Can Help in Spiritual Emergency More info
  • Kundalini and BioEnergy vis a vis Spiritual Emergency More info
  • 10 Reasons to Add Spirituality to Mental Healthcare and Why  More info
  • The Foundation of Working with Subtle Energies: Risks and Rewards of Developing Intuition More info.
  • Meditations That Benefit Spiritual Emergence More info
  • Teleconferences with Emma Bragdon: Available monthly for Certified Spiritual Emergence Coaches
  • Embodiment and Grounding vis a vis Spiritual Emergence with Jill Leigh More info.
  • How Energywork Helps in Spiritual Emergence  (Coming soon!)
  • Cross Cultural Issues in Spiritual Emergence (Coming soon!)
  • Peers Helping Peers Through Spiritual Emergency (Coming soon!)
  • Managing Addiction through Enhancing Spiritual Experiences (Coming soon!)

Integrative Approach to Mental Health Issues –mostly online

Continuing Ed Credits available for providers. Partial scholarships, as well. 

  • FREE: Introduction to Integrative Mental Health More info.
  • FREE: From Overdiagnosis and Overmedication to Empowering New Choices More info.
  • Relief from Bipolar: When Psych Meds are No Longer #1 More info.
  • Going Beyond Anxiety and Depression: Improving Well-being Without Medication More info.
  • Seven Essentials for Improving Loving Relationships: Upgrading Your Family Operating System More info.
  • Strengthen Attention, Reduce ADHD–Naturally in 2015 More info.
  • Possible Cures for Autism: 2015 Edition More info.
  • Tour to Brazil Spiritist Hospital/Centers with Emma Bragdon, PhD More info.

Meditation for Higher Consciousness

Deeply Relaxing - 12 minutes

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