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Integrative Mental Health


Wondering if Integrative Mental Health has something truly transformative to offer you? Watch a slide show  created by three professional healthcare providers: a medical doctor and two psychotherapists from the USA.  Emma Bragdon, PhD, is the speaker.

The presentation plays a positive note, affirming what you can do now for yourself or in helping others who may feel psychologically disturbed.  We think of it as a starting point as there are many more details in creating a plan that is tailored to your specific needs.

Our aim is to support you in your recovery of wellbeing–or find wellbeing for the first time.  This course is not a replacement for a qualified personal health advisor.  Should you or a loved one be in a personal crisis please consult a qualified health professional to address your unique needs.

We want consumers and health providers to know and remember the basic, natural, and easily-available building blocks of mental health that have proven to be effective over time and in contemporary research.  These basic building blocks may be far more important than taking psychiatric medications. Although such drugs do have their time and place, and can even save lives, we would best start caring for ourselves in more natural ways before turning to the drugs that disrupt brain function and typically have very severe side-effects.

Integrative Mental Health: Course Structure

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