Nutrition-Micronutrients-Mental Health

A Series of 4 online  Webinars on

Nutrition, Micro-Nutrients & Mental Health


Dr. Pamela Shervanick

Board Certified Adult Psychiatrist

Time: At Your Convenience

 For healthcare providers as well as anyone interested in improving mental health and knowing the relationship between nutrition-micronutrients-mental health.

Overview: Current research shows that certain genetic weaknesses and physical conditions can catalyze moderate to serious mental disturbances. The good news is that they can be overcome or improved through natural supplements, good nutrition, and positive choices regarding sleep, exercise and one’s social environment. Yet few psychiatrists or psychotherapists know the land of evidence-based nutrient based therapy well enough to instruct people how to use nutrition and micronutrients to improve mental health. Dr. Shervanick is one of those rare few who are both well-informed and passionate about giving patients this empowering information as well as supporting them on a spiritual level.

 Agenda (Each session lasts an hour): you are free to cherry pick what is of most interest as all the events come to you at the same time.

  1. Nutrients that can help when facing Depression and/or Anxiety
  2. Teleconference with Dr. Shervanick for Q&A
  3. Nutrients that help with Bipolar and Psychosis/ Schizophrenia
  4. Teleconference with Dr. Shervanick for Q&A

Nutrition-Micronutrients-Mental Health

Regarding Nutrition-Micronutrients-Mental Health–You will learn:

  • The importance of nutritional health and its relationship to transforming psychiatric brain differences into gifts instead of limitations.
  • New concepts related to the biochemical individuality of people and mental illness.
  • Basic nutritional deficiencies related to depression, anxiety, psychosis and bipolar disorder.
  • The role toxicity of the mind and body play in psychiatric symptoms.
  • Simple supplemental recommendations for various psychiatric states.

Fee: $74.50 is the price for the recorded version of this course. IMHU can provide some partial scholarships to those who have financial limitations.  Fee for the Live version was $195 usd.

 Instructor’s Bio:

Nutrition-Micronutrients-Mental HealthPam Shervanick is a Board Certified Adult Psychiatrist.  She is an on-going attendee at the Walsh Research Institute Mastering Brain Chemistry Physician Education Workshop with William Walsh, author of Nutrient Power. Dr. Walsh is an internationally recognized expert in nutrition-micronutrients-mental health and a key scientist paving the way for nutrient-based psychiatry and nutritional medicine.

Dr Shervanick: “I am inspired to help every individual uncover what lives within them – their Divine Selves. Individuals experience wholeness when they have a balanced body, mind and spirit.   Developing individualized transformational processes to find this balance by applying the principles and practices of nutrigenomics, orthomolecular medicine, neuroscience, hypnosis, meditation and quantum physics are just some of the tools I utilize to assist people in achieving their ideal lives.

I have private practices in both Rhode Island and Maine, as well as on-line, and enjoy teaching and doing group work with motivated individuals. In my free time, I love to be with family and friends, travel adventurously around the world and do just about anything out in nature.”

Contact information for Dr. Shervanick: Ph. 401-289-2757.  Website:


What clients say about Dr. Pam Shervanick:

“Dr. Shervanick helped me see that I have control over the direction life takes me, and that there is no limit to potential if you believe that.”

“Dr. S, you told me over and over “I’m not broken”.  You accepted me as the mess I was and coached me through the rough times, accepting me as I was and brought me through to a more positive self:  a self that will make more positive decisions for my personal mental well being!”

“The most important thing you ever taught me was to never be governed by fear.  Don’t decide out of fear.  Whenever you feel afraid or uncomfortable, that is where you are supposed to go.  You also gave me the encouragement to do what I want and not be imprisoned by my shoulds and gave me liberation from unwanted obligations.  I love you and will cherish your love, kindness, encouragement and inspiration always.”

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We can provide some partial scholarships for those who have financial limitations.



Time: At your convenience

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Nutrition-Micronutrients-Mental Health

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