The Power of Peer Support in Recovery:

A Survey

peer support

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Peer Support is Good News!  People who have recovered from their own lived experience with episodes of exceptional mental disturbance are using the expertise they gained to effectively help others recover from such episodes.  The power of these skilled peers is measurably transforming the treatment of mental illness, cutting back our over-reliance on psych meds as standard of care, and opening a portal to a stronger safety net of care in communities around the world.

This 4-module online course gives you:

  • A quick, engaging linking to network with experts in the Peer Support Movement
  • Exploration of options for residential care with peer support
  • An interview with expert: about withdrawing from psych meds
  • A rich view into the Peer Support Movement in the USA, Brazil, Finland,
    UK, & New Zealand
  • A clear understanding of Spiritual Emergency vis a vis psychosis
  • An informed perspective on some vital legal issues in mental health care
  • Contact info for accessing personal help from skilled peer support people
  • Contact info for obtaining training to be a skilled peer support person


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Dates: at your convenience

(plus you have unlimited time with the materials for review)

Our Audience: For those looking for connection with others to optimize mental health,
or those wanting perspective on the peer support movement, and/or training.

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peer support


  • This course is accessible to anyone who can use the internet.  It is user-friendly!  Support for any tech questions is readily available.
  • Links to the activities in each module are delivered to your email address.
  • Participants enter into the course on IMHU’s online learning platform to proceed with the activities.  You will enjoy reading short, informative articles, watching colorful vids, engaging in discussions with the facilitator and other participants—whenever you want to     We create a learning community amongst us!


(All of the presenters have prior lived-experience with profound mental disturbances and care within conventional psychiatry with the exception of Emma Bragdon and Russell Razzaque, MD)

1. Expanding the Medical Model: Peer Support

  • Welcome: Emma Bragdon with Krista Mackinnon
  • Peer Support in Brazilian Spiritism
  • Meet Russell Razzaque, MD: Towards a New Paradigm of Care

2. Peers Facilitating Peers in Healing

  • 9 Ways to Tap Resources Online from Home
  • 6 Places that Offer Workshops and Training
  • The Promise of Residential Care

3. Peer Support for Reducing Over-Reliance on Psych Meds

  • Expert, Alesandra Rain: Interview on Psych Drug Withdrawal
  • Reading Guides for Safely Withdrawing from Psych Meds
  • 2 Online Resources for Tapering off Drugs

4. More Thought Leaders Forwarding Peer Support

  • Mary O’Hagan: Supporting Well-Being
  • David Lukoff, PhD: How Spirituality Fits In
  • Dan Fisher, MD & Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD:  Empowering Voices


(partial scholarships available, apply here)

Dates: At Your Convenience

(plus you have unlimited time with the materials for review)

Our Audience: For those looking for connection with others to optimize mental health,
or those wanting perspective on the peer movement, and/or training.


Emma Bragdon, PhD., the Course Facilitator:

Emma BragdonEmma Bragdon, PhD, is the Founder/Director of Integrative Mental Health for You.  She was licensed as a Marriage, Family, Child Therapist in 1988 and has been involved with teaching complementary therapies for 45 years.  She has written 7 books and co-produced two documentary films.

Guest – Russell Razzaque, MD, Psychiatrist:

Russell RazzaqueDr. Russell Razzaque is a London based psychiatrist with eighteen years experience in adult mental health. Dr. Razzaque’s special interests and particular fields of research are mindfulness, Open Dialogue and the connection between mysticism and mental health. He has written a book that brings these together entitled, Breaking Down Is Waking Up; Can Psychological Distress Be A Gateway To Spiritual  Awakening?He runs several projects to promote mindfulness and spiritual connection in both clients & clinicians alike. He also delivers regular lectures & workshops around the UK.

Guest – Alesandra Rain, Co-Founder/Co-Director of Point of Return:

Alesandra RainAlesandra suffered immense adversity for decades. She endured 34 surgeries on her spine and extremities, and was prescribed a cocktail of medications to alleviate the symptoms of insomnia, anxiety, pain and depression that stemmed from overwhelming circumstances. After a decade on tranquilizers, sleeping pills, antidepressants and painkillers, she wanted her life back.  Alesandra went cold-turkey, and nearly died from the terrifying withdrawals. But in her darkest hour, the concept of “Point of Return” emerged to assist others.  She is an author and prescription drug expert for Fox News Channel and ABC who frequently does radio and television interviews and lectures worldwide. Alesandra has been prescription drug and pain free for over 10 years.

What Others Are Saying About IMHU Courses:

“IMHU’s course gave me a chance to learn about several holistic, non-medical, primary and complementary treatment modalities that I would otherwise not have encountered. I would highly recommend this interactive online format presented through Emma Bragdon’s globally researched perspective.”—Terry Monell, MA

“This course is valuable for its intelligent and well-documented critique of some widely accepted practices of mental health care, especially the pervasive use of pharmaceuticals. As alternatives, it introduces a wide range of options, some traditional and some very innovative, and does this skillfully, not omitting the healing power of humor!”—Bradan Beech

“Thank you so much for the opportunity of viewing the vast information you have made available in this course… I would like to commend you on the variety and scope of material for the professional, as well as the general public… It became apparent early on that this course was formed with a tremendous amount of forethought and desire to bring forth a comprehensive understanding of our mental health system that is not readily available elsewhere.” —Linda Willerton

“You are really a bridge to a new way.”—Sally Henderson, Georgia

“I’ve had the great good fortune of working with some extremely gifted coaches in various aspects of my life, and I would place Emma Bragdon in the rare and elite category of teachers who thoroughly understand the esoteric complexities of their field, and are also able to share and explain their knowledge in grounded, concise and eloquent terms.”—Markus Koch, 6 yrs. in the NFL (National Football League), twice a Superbowl champion, now a holistic healthcare provider; Michigan

Note: This course is for educational purposes. It is not a replacement for skilled consultation with a trusted advisor or health care professional who can address your unique needs. Opinions expressed by our presenters do not necessarily represent IMHU or Emma Bragdon.

CEs: The course can give you 6 hours of continuing education units if you are a licensed counselor, nurse, psychologist, social worker or psychotherapist. There is an extra charge of $50. for health providers receiving CE hours.  Contact for signup.

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(partial scholarships available, apply here)

Dates: At Your Convenience (plus you have unlimited time with the materials for review)

Our Audience: For those looking for connection with others to optimize mental health,
or those wanting perspective on the peer movement, and/or training.


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