Spiritual Emergence Coach

Certification Spiritual Emergence Coach

Expansion by Paige Bradley

2-Day Practicum
Part Two–  Certification as a Spiritual Emergence Coach

October 21 & 22, 2017

9am to 5pm each day

in London, UK at North London Buddhist Centre

For carers, peer specialists, healers, spiritual counselors
and licensed mental healthcare providers
Facilitator: Emma Bragdon, PhD
renowned author of two classic books on Spiritual Emergency
and a seasoned facilitator with 25 years experience
“I was elated after the Practicum! I felt “If I die today, it’s all good, because I just had one of the most healing and educational experiences of my life”… Now I’m part of a vast community of new friends and like-minded people… The tools I learned in the workshop were applicable the first few hours back at the job helping people with addiction and mental health issues.” —William Smith, Addictions Counselor

“Great experiential learning opportunity that helped me develop more tools to help others in crisis!”–licensed Psychologist

“Excellent course for anyone at all interested in this field.” —Massage Therapist

“Focused on very practical skills for care and support. Excellent hand-outs with resources and guidelines.” —Peer Support Worker

“It was awesome!” —Licensed Social Worker

“…essential for anyone who wants to work with people experiencing spiritual emergency or psycho-spiritual transformation. Emma teaches material, skills and methods with wisdom and compassion and shares her knowledge and expertise with clear purpose. The fact that this course is unique in the world at this time also makes it a highly valuable opportunity.” —Jen MacDonald, Peer Counselor; Toronto,Canada

Your take home:

  • Guidelines for leading support groups for those in spiritual emergency and their loved ones
  • Practical application of techniques for supporting individuals in this crisis
  • Deepened connection with your community members to increase collaboration and team building
  • Clearer recognition of when it is appropriate to share your own training as a psychotherapist or your own gifts as a healer
  • Inclusion in Directory of IMHU’s Directory of Coaches giving your contact information to others who want to collaborate or find help for themselves or loved ones in crisis.
  • Certificate of course completion: a pre-requisite for being acknowledged as a Spiritual Emergence Coach
  • Licensed psychologists, MSW, LMFT, mental health counselors and nurses may also receive CEs

Certification Spiritual Emergence Coach Overview: This Practicum is available to those who have taken  a series of 5 online webinars s at IMHU.org dedicated to effectively helping people in spiritual emergency. Each webinar colorfully presents theory about the definition of spiritual emergency, how to recognize it, how to care for yourself and others, how it is perceived in other cultures, and what catalyzes the phenomena. The practicum involves more dialogue, discussion, learning and practicing techniques to benefit those in spiritual emergency and/or spiritual emergence. These are essentials for assisting people in crisis. These are also the fundamentals of creating teams that work consistently well together and can more easily collaborate with others around the world who have become Spiritual Emergence Coaches (SEC).

Certification Spiritual Emergence Coach

Audience: open to those with lived experience, their loved ones, as well as healers, peer counselors, spiritual directors and mental healthcare providers. We will be able to learn from each others’ perspectives and thus enrich our experience of the domain of spiritual emergency—and what kind of help is most beneficial for those in this particular crisis.  Group is limited to 20 people.

Pre-requisite: Completion of online webinar series called How to Effectively Support Someone in Spiritual Emergency. See IMHU.org/courses/spiritual-emergency for more information.

Fee: $425. outside Boston, $374 for Boston area. Payment plan is available.  Payable through credit card at our secure site. See below to register. If you are financially challenged, please apply for a partial scholarship or work-study arrangement.

Continuing Ed: Please contact us for more information on receiving 11 contact hours towards CE, info@IMHU.org

Place:   London, UK, North London Buddhist Centre.  Other Practicums for  2018 are listed below.  June, 2-3, 2018 in Boston Area, TBA soon.

Time: 9am-5pm both Saturday and Sunday

Application and Policies for Certification Spiritual Emergence Coach: Please submit an application for becoming an IMHU Certified Spiritual Emergence Coach  prior to taking the Practicum or within a week after it is complete.  We are wanting to make sure applicants are willing to comply with what we feel is mandatory in working with the vulnerable population of those experiencing phenomena of spiritual emergence. Click here for our Policies. Click here for application.

Emma Bragdon, PhD., the Course Facilitator:

Emma BragdonEmma Bragdon, PhD, (Transpersonal Psychology) is an expert in the field of Spiritual Emergence and Emergency.  She’s been immersed in it as a researcher, psychotherapist, teacher and published author since 1984.  She is the author of seven books and co-producer of two documentary films, and the Founder/Director of Integrative Mental Health for You, IMHU.org.  Dr. Bragdon is most well known for the seminal books she originally published on Spiritual Emergency in 1987, and 1990, and recently updated.  Her most recent books about Spiritism in Brazil have also gained rave reviews.  She was a volunteer for the Grof’s Spiritual Emergency Network from 1984-1991 and Editor of it’s newsletter and Journal. She was licensed as a psychotherapist in 1988 and has expanded that practice by serving also as a spiritual guide.  She spent 6 months of every year from 2001-2012 in Brazil researching the positive potential of Spiritist Community Centers and Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals.

Please Note: This practicum is educational in intent.  It is not a replacement for psychotherapy or crisis care.  If you are in a crisis or seeking immediate help for yourself or a loved one please consult your trusted healthcare provider.

Registration: Spaces are limited!  Please choose which location you wish and click below to register and reserve your spot.  You may choose to pay via your own Paypal account, Stripe, or with a credit card.  We will post registration details for June, 2018 in the near future.


Cost: $425. outside New England, USA
$374 within New England, USA


Contact us if you would like to receive Continuing Ed. Credit (add’l $50)
We provide some partial scholarships to those who have financial limitations.


Practicum: London, UK

October 21-22, 2017  Location: North London Buddhist Centre

72 Holloway Rd, Highbury East, London N7 8JG, UK
Price: $425.00

Payment Plan is available.

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Practicum: Los Angeles, CA

February 17 & 18, 2018.  Location TBA
Price: $425.00

Payment Plan is available.

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Practicum: Boston Area, MA, USA

June 2 & 3, 2018. Location TBA
Price: $374.00

Payment Plan is available.

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You can pay online by Paypal or Credit Card through our secure site.
We accept USD.
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Thank you for your interest in Certification Spiritual Emergence Coach,
Emma Bragdon, PhD
Director, Integrative Mental Health for You

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