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psychosis Psychosis describes an extreme state of consciousness.  Is it a disease? Meet seasoned professionals  who share perspectives gained after decades of experience.

Your take home: a new, more humane, way of looking at the extreme state we have called “psychosis”  and ways of managing this extreme state that are natural and can be so effective they replace pharmaceuticals.


You receive:

  1. An overview that defines psychosis through the eyes of some transformative, articulate, progressive psychiatrists and psychologists.   We  consider how we have formerly looked at the manifestations of extreme states as a mental “illness” and shunned those who have the “illness”.  We highlight the fact that what has been labeled as “psychosis”  is now considered as a very human response to trauma and overwhelming conditions–perhaps not an illness at all!
  2. The wisdom of someone who experienced psychosis, lived through it, transcended the problems, and went on to become a psychologist.  Her presentation helps to put hearing voices in a new context. Then watch an interview about a new model of treatment that reflects current knowledge about psychosis…and learn a bit about the importance of nutrition in healing.

A former student said:

 “Thank you for this generous offering.  I really appreciate the variety of ways information is presented.  My gratitude to each of the caring practitioners who speak truth to power and who cultivate a capacity to look into the eyes of another with great compassion and offer dignity.“–Martha Lynch

When: At Your Convenience

Where: Online

Format:  You can enter any section at anytime and pick what is of interest to you to watch or read.  We recommend following the sequence of activities we provide; however you have access to all of it right away.

The Vids: There is a unique video interview in this course:   Brack Jefferys, PhD recently started a treatment center for those in extreme states and he describes the treatment people receive that turns breakdown into breakthrough.  The other videos were thoughtfully selected from the public domain.  They offer current info of particular importance to understanding psychosis.  We trust that our selections and organization of the materials will replace the need for you to get mired in a hunt through the jungle of the web.

AGENDA for “Psychosis” Course:

1. Overview: Defining “Psychosis”

  • Jim van Os, MD–Ted talk on Psychosis
  • Understanding Psychosis & Schizophrenia– from a new perspective
  • What the Mainstream Thinks
  • The Case Against Antipsychotics

2.  Managing the Phenomena of “Psychosis”

  • Eleanor Longden, PhD-Ted Talk
  • Resources regarding hearing voices movement
  • Brack Jefferys, PhD:  Director of Center for Spiritual Emergence
  • The Role of Nutrition

Facilitator: Emma Bragdon, PhD.  Director of Integrative Mental Health for You,

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