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$5-$10: ethank you, receipt and campaign updates.

$25: above reward + a pdf of “The Newest DSM*” by Emma Bragdon.  (The conventional “DSM” is the manual used by health providers, insurance companies, hospitals, and the judicial system to talk about mental illness.)  The Newest DSM is an informative and humorous alternative to the conventional DSM…of value for personal or classroom use…or to add to your waiting room fare.

$50: Above + free invitation to presentation “10 Reasons to Add Spirituality to Mental Health Care and Why“.

$100: Above + pdf of “Resources for Extraordinary Healing: Schizophrenia, Bipolar, and Other Serious Mental Illnesses*” by Emma Bragdon.  

$500: Above + soft cover copy of “Spiritism and Mental Health*” edited by Emma Bragdon.   Chapters by Brazilian psychiatrists and psychologists explaining the Spiritist therapies and the way the psychiatrists collaborate with medical intuitives and spiritual healers.  Also a few chapters by North American researchers validating the perspective of Spiritist therapies.   A whole new exciting paradigm to add to our conversation about options for mental health!

$750: Above + special dinner in Boston, MA with Emma Bragdon.  Mention on the IMHU website as a Silver Supporter.

$1000: Above + 10% off residential courses IMHU offers up to $100 value.  Mention on the IMHU website as a Gold Supporter.

More than $1000: Above + free downloads of all online courses.  Mention on the IMHU website as a Platinum Supporter…and, yes, chocolates!

*Description of books is on



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Emma Bragdon, PhD

Founder/ Director of IMHU




 “We have it in our power to begin the world over again.”–Thomas Paine

Deep Thanks to our newest “Platinum Supporter,” Flo Rood, as well as others

(who wish to remain anonymous) AND

“Gold Supporters”:  Richmond Mayo-Smith and Jane Goodwin.

          Special Thanks to all of the rest of our supporters!



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