Mission of IMHU:

IMHU’s mission is to facilitate improvements in mental healthcare and encourage psycho-spiritual growth in individuals around the world.

The way we do accomplish our mission: 

1.  We assist consumers in becoming more well-informed about the full range of effective options for  mental                  healthcare and wellness.
2. We teach about safe and effective techniques for spiritual  “emergence”, aka psycho-spiritual growth.
3. We offer educational programs online and in locations around the world.
4. We provide continuing education for  professional healthcare providers.
5. We  forward an integrative, ‘wellness’ model, independent of special interests and lobbies.
6. We advocate that spiritual practices are essential to cultivating and improving well-being.

Integrative Mental Healthcare 

attends to biological issues, psychological and social problems, as well as the profound desire for psycho-spiritual growth.  Mental health disturbances can come from any or all of these areas and thus all must be considered in diagnosis and treatment.   Practitioners of the integrative model take a cautious approach to the use of psychiatric drugs.  They encourage spiritual growth, aka spiritual emergence, and recognize that at times some people will need special assistance for “spiritual emergency” (a psycho-spiritual crisis).

IMHU Courses

can save you years of searching  through the confusing mass of material available today.  We offer clear and concise presentations of essential information.  We showcase prominent experts who give online presentations and courses.    Continuing education units are available for healthcare professionals (MDs, psychologists, therapists and nurses) to expand their knowledge and skills in integrative methods of diagnosis and care.

Location & Format of Programs

We offer live online presentations and live courses at  physical locations, internationally.  We also use the newest and best learning management software to offer user-friendly online programs, accessible internationally for anyone with internet access.  These combine exciting videos, structured supplementary  content (reading/viewing materials) with online interaction with instructors and discussion groups among faculty and students. We manage secure registration and user-friendly online access to course events and materials.  Registration and further information is available  through our webpage, IMHU.org/courses.


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