Our Goals in Improving Mental Health:

  • To clarify “what is mental health?” and “what is wellness?”
  • To  help people optimize mental health.
  • To mainstream the paradigm of “integrative mental health.”


  • To provide information on various options so consumers can make well-informed choices to optimize mental health and decrease negative side-effects of  conventional treatments.
  • To add to the knowledge base of mental health practitioners and provide continuing education units for courses they take through us.
  • To assist individuals of all ages to understand and more deeply commit to personal and community wellness…and get the help they need to live a life with meaning and purpose.
  • To structure the “spiritual” aspect of integrative mental healthcare, while respecting all paths/religions. Recent research points to the value of spiritual practice and community for strengthening mental health.  We believe that spiritual growth is vital to health–as essential as good food, water, exercise and rest.


  • Our faculty are among the best in the field.  Almost all of them have earned MDs, PhDs, MSWs, etc.  Each emphasizes the whole person-body, mind and spirit- and aligns with current scientific research.  We will  also include guest presenters and the voices of people who have found mental balance after serious diagnoses (like bipolar disorder) using effective strategies which might have included psychiatric drugs.  These former patients are now leading well balanced lives with no further need for drugs.
  • We offer study through the newest on-line technology as well as experiential learning in face-to-face meetings to bring information to people around the world at the lowest cost possible.
  • We introduce evidence-based protocols from diverse cultures (eg. the use of energy therapies and medical intuitives for diagnostics as employed in Brazil, meditation practices from the Far East).
  • We provide pathways for spiritual emergence (development).  We will assist people to answer their questions about “what is soul?” and “what is spirit?”
  • We teach stress management, and the value of appropriate life style choices to optimize mental health.
  • We will refer to effective resources so people who want to withdraw from psychiatric drugs can do so in a safe manner with appropriate supervision.
  • We are financially sustainable. Some webinars are free, others at low cost to reach the widest possible audiences and we offer partial scholarships.  CDs, DVDs, MP3s and facilitator’s guides will be sold and distributed through the website for use in community centers, hospitals, schools, spiritual and religious organizations for group discussion.

Our Perspective: Causes of Mental Health Issues:

We believe that most functional mental health issues originate in trauma, overwhelming stress, a need for more skills in managing stress, environmental stressors such as neuro-toxins, and an unmet longing for spiritual growth/consciousness expansion.  The best outcomes for healing and balance spring from the use of different kinds of therapies in an “integrative” model of mental health maintenance with sufficient focus on micro-nutrients and a very cautious use of psychiatric medications.
There is a profound need to replace the long-term use of medications that have debilitating side effects  with effective therapies and life-style choices that  lead to positive transformation.  This is  possible in many cases.


The content of this website is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. A person should always seek the professional advice of a physician or other qualified medical practitioner regarding any medical condition. Do not disregard medical advice as a result of something you may read on this website.

Your use of this website is solely at your own risk. Neither Emma Bragdon, PhD nor any entity or individual associated with this website or its contents shall be liable or responsible to any person or entity for any loss or damage caused or claimed to have been caused directly or indirectly by or from the information or ideas contained, suggested or referenced by the or courses offered by IMHU through websites or from any errors, misstatements, inaccuracies or omissions in the content.

Please be aware: IMHU is not a degree granting organization.  We make no claims that certificates of completion that we give students who complete our courses can be used for credit in any other college, university or postsecondary school.  We offer continuing education units to licensed health providers through our affiliation with Westbrook University and Commonwealth Educational Seminars.

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