New in Our Store: The Newest DSM*: Deliberately Seeking Mental Health

A colorful, informative and humorous view into the real causes of mental disturbance –not just the  symptoms they produce.  It recommends some effective treatments to treat causes, too.

This is a satire on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders–(the dictionary of mental illnesses used by psychiatrists, psychologists, hospitals, MDs, insurance companies and courts of law).  The 5 editions of DSM books previously published by the American Psychiatric Association say very little about causes & treatments–and focus more on labeling based on symptoms.  These 5 editions by APA pave the way for medicalizing mental health care.

Our satirical look at the DSM is perfect waiting room fare for the office of a health professional, and a heart-warming, fun, informative self-help manual!  Healthcare providers will certainly get laughs a plenty!

25 pages/ full color graphics, comes as a pdf document. $4.95 at

A great gift for a friend or colleague who has a holistic or integrative orientation…also can empower someone who is looking to optimize mental health.

“I downloaded and printed a copy  at  my local print shop and had them bind it in plastic.  It now sits in my waiting room to entertain, inform,  and inspire my clients and colleagues.”–a  psychotherapist

“Wow…I Love THIS book!  So much more to the point than the conventional DSM-V.”–a  psychologist

“Excellent!”–Steve W., a businessman involved with alternative medicine

“I love it!!!!”–Paula Caplan, PhD.,  Harvard University’s DuBois Institute  

This booklet is being used to raise funds for IMHU.  Please respect our intellectual property rights…and encourage others to purchase their own copy!
Author: Emma Bragdon, PhD has logged over 45 years as a mental health professional, has written 6 other books, co-produced two documentary films and a child, and still maintains a grande sense of humor.  She’s also the Director of IMHU!

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The Newest DSM*: Deliberately Seeking Mental Health, (a satire)

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