IMHU Integrative Mental Health for You

IMHU Business Structure:

IMHU business structure is aligned with our parent organization.  The Foundation for Energy Therapies, Inc. (FET), was recognized by the US Federal Government as a not for profit, 501(c)3 organization in 2008.  FET is dedicated to education and research about the positive potentials of spiritual, aka “energy” therapies. The Foundation was created  to receive monies, collaborate with other not-for-profit organizations, and oversee projects consistent with its goals.   FET is doing business as “Integrative Mental Health for You” (IMHU).  IMHU began in May, 2013.  Emma Bragdon, PhD, its founder, is currently the Executive Director.

Our stellar Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Faculty and Guest Faculty can be found in the sub-indexes of this main tab.


A Vital Step Towards Well-Being

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