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Thanks to our generous supporters we recently  created

8 NEW short videos about Spiritist Therapies in Brazil

Click HERE for FREE access to view the vids.


“These videos are a beautiful work presenting Spiritist treatments. They very thoroughly describe spiritual treatment and their positive potential. They show that using a Spiritist approach to mental health treatment is possible anywhere.

     The diverse testimonials are reliable, cover a lot of ground, and are powerful.  I really like the emphasis on multidisciplinary treatment, including disobssesion and alternative energy work. Dr. Dagmar Ramos’s interview is especially great.

     I admire and support your work and will be glad to collaborate.”

Alexandra T. Azevedo, LMHC, CTCT, CST, NCC, in Florida
Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Spiritist

I really loved this (collection of vids). It’s excellent. Really good and useful videos. We have a need for this kind of material as of yesterday, or yesteryear.”  

Elza D’Agosto, Leader in Spiritism in North America, past Co-Coordinator of Spiritist Group Love & Light, Newark, NJ.

These concise but very informative videos represent an excellent introduction to how spirituality can be integrated with mental (and general) health treatments, within the framework of Spiritism, as practiced in Brazil.

     Dr. Bragdon has done an excellent job in raising the awareness of the public worldwide about these alternative treatment options.”

Emanuel Dutra, Translator of original Spiritist Books

 I really thank you for your generosity in offering these free of charge to schools. Our budget for library acquisitions has been sliced so much lately, it’s very frustrating for academics, but we are all finding a way to get word out on vital subjects such as spiritual emergence and alternative means for achieving mental health.  You are a true leader in this field.”

Meg Jordan, PhD, RN, NBC-HWC, Professor, Chair, Integrative Health Studies, California Institute of Integral Studies, Clinical Medical Anthropologist, Author, How to Be a Health Coach

“These dynamic videos provide an authoritative introduction to Brazilian Spiritism and its healing practices.  Emma Bragdon has done a worthwhile service by studying, publishing and teaching seminars about this holistic method.”

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., co-author “Personal Mythology” and “Spiritual Dimensions of Healing”

“Emma Bragdon has opened the door to a whole new paradigm of healing with these videos. Brazil has a model for mind-body-spirit healing that is unparalleled in the world. The video with Dr. Dagmar Ramos is excellent. I love how clearly she describes the Spiritist paradigm–its context, how it works, and with examples to show its efficacy. As someone who has been to a Spiritist center in Brazil for several years, the powerful, accepted partnership with Spirit to heal. In addition, Dr. Ramos embodies the heart and intention for healing.”

Mytrae Meliana, MA. Holistic Psychotherapist

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