Training as a Spiritual Emergence Coach®
and Continuing Education

Spiritual Emergence Coach® (SEC) certification and continuing education is unique in the world. 

Who Qualifies: The Certification program is open to  individuals with prior experience who have successfully facilitated diverse kinds of support groups.  Thus, people without prior authorization as psychotherapists or life coaches who can offer peer support may apply as well as those priorly authorized as MDs, nurses, social workers, counselors and psychotherapists.  We review each applicant through an application process which includes a live, personal interview.  We understand that SECs are working with vulnerable populations and it is important that these people get qualified support.  Individuals must first complete a series of 5 online webinars on spiritual emergency as well as a 2-day live Practicum before making their application to be certified.

Here are a few short vids introducing you to Certified Spiritual Emergence Coaches®®–so you get a glimpse of what they are doing with the training.

Who Instructs:  Emma Bragdon, PhD, the Exec Director of IMHU, teaches the online webinars and the Practicum.  She is currently training others to lead the Practicums in UK and Los Angeles, CA in the future.

Benefits to you:

1. Listing in the SEC Directory: One of the benefits of obtaining the Certification is listing in the SEC online Directory. It clarifies that all SECs are qualified to lead support groups both live and online. This Directory also acknowledges those who are licensed to also practice one to one personal counseling.    Increasing numbers of other organizations currently link to this Directory as it is unique in the world, and the need for this type of support continues to grow exponentially.  This means that SECs contact information are given more and more visibility internationally.  It also means that people looking for support with their spiritual emergence process have ready access to qualified support people.

2. Other Benefits:

Spiritual Emergence Coach

  • Continuing Ed credits for MDs, psychologists, social workers and psychotherapists for the webinars and the Practicum
  • Listing a “specialty” in Spiritual Emergence in your practice along with our logo as a Spiritual Emergence Coach
  • Access to IMHU courses to increase knowledge and skills –uniquely for SECs
  • SEC certificants enter into an active network of others  from around the world who have obtained similar learning about spiritual emergence and emergency…they speak the same language!
  • You gain new friends and colleagues from around the world
  • You are part of a team effort to strengthen and encourage an ecumenical awareness of spiritual growth in all cultures
  • Being a certificant is invaluable support for having access to excellent community support for our own spiritual awakening
  • We also have qualified people to consult with regarding issues supporting others, or doing our community work
  • We share  up to date resources to improve education and outreach
  • We maintain and continually upgrade the quality of support we can give others
  • We enjoy a group to brainstorm with regarding any issues around spiritual emergence (personal and professional)
  • And, of course, you get a certificate to hang on our wall!

3. IMHU asks Certificants to be Proactive:  Certificants must participate in 3 online meetups in each calendar year to maintain their certification.  They also must take one continuing education course per year from a variety of options at different organizations with whom IMHU is aligned.  These courses may be at no cost or not; that is up to the student.  IMHU also asks SECs to participate in one or more online summits or conferences related to spiritual emergence each year.  These are often given for free.  This insures that all SECs are continuing to update their knowledge and skills related to supporting others in Spiritual Emergence processes.

4. Supervision: Some SECs who are previously authorized to do one to one counseling/therapy have asked Emma Bragdon for group supervision.  This is now offered once a month to qualified SECs.  The topics change month to month but always include time to delve deeply into some of the issues that arise working with individual clients who are stuck with issues around spiritual emergence.  Personal supervision with Emma Bragdon is also available (see below).

 IMHU believes that learning how to care for a psycho-spiritual crisis in oneself or others is something we all need to know…Also, those with lived experience can offer extraordinary peer support that is an invaluable aid in recovery. 

Cost to you: As of January, 2019, the cost of the 5 online webinars is $297.  The cost of the Practicum is $525-$625 (depending on location).    Sign up for our IMHU newsletter to be sure you get up to date pricing and scheduling.  We also offer partial scholarships to those with financial limitations.

Timing: As of 2019, the 5 online webinars are generally available 3 times a year: Fall, Winter and Spring.  The Practicums are generally available in February, March, June, and October.  Venues for the Practicum include London, UK, Boston, MA, Los Angeles area, CA,  and Asheville, NC.

The Graphic below illustrates the levels of attainment in our Certification process that are acknowledged in the SEC Directory online:

Spiritual Emergence Coach continuing education


LEVEL 1: Enter at Center of Circle—Online webinars and live 2-day Practicum lead to Certification as a Spiritual Emergence Coach™ (facilitating support groups)
LEVEL 2: Certified as a Life Coach—add one to one coaching to leading support groups
LEVEL 3: Certified as a Professional Counselor/Therapist—add one to one psychotherapy to leading support groups
LEVEL 4: Become a Master SEC (for coaches and psychotherapists only): add 10 hours or more of advanced education via IMHU

Recognition of your level is acknowledged to the public in our Directory of SE Coaches. Continuing education is available to you at each level–see below.

IMHU’s Spiritual Emergence Coach (SEC) Certification

Open to Everyone checkmark
Moderate Price to Complete Certification checkmark
Partial Scholarships are Available checkmark
Phase One Webinars:
Available Internationally Online
Live 2 Day Practicum:
Hosted in UK, EU, USA and AU
Applicant for Certification is reviewed
Insures preparation complete
Expert Instructor: PhD checkmark
Instructor’s Years of Experience: Since 1985 checkmark
Continuing Education Credits
For licensed practitioners
Promotes Teamwork on all levels checkmark
SEC International Directory now online checkmark
Sponsored by a not-for-profit company checkmark
Continuing Education is Online checkmark
Option: Life Coach Certification: accepted by
International Coach Federation (ICF)
Option: Study Groups
Discuss books and films
Option: Personal Supervision/Guidance checkmark

 Spiritual Emergence Coach Continuing Education Courses via IMHU–ALL are Welcome
(Continuing Education Credit for healthcare providers is available for almost all of our courses.)

IMHU continuing ed courses are mostly online, open to anyone, ANYTIME


  • FREE:Psychosis: What is it?  More info
  • FREE:Spiritual Emergency: What is it? More info
  • FREE:Psychiatric Medications and Spiritual Emergence More info
  • Kundalini and BioEnergy vis a vis Spiritual EmergencyMore info
  • 10 Reasons to Add Spirituality to Mental Healthcare and Why  More info
  • The Foundation of Working with Subtle Energies: Risks and Rewards of Developing Intuition More info
  • Meditations That Benefit Spiritual Emergence More info
  • Ibogaine: An Effective Road Out of Addiction  More info
  • Embodiment and Grounding vis a vis Spiritual Emergence with Jill Leigh More info.
  • 6 Psychiatrists Who Can Help in Spiritual Emergency More info
  • The Power of Peer Support More Info
  • Study Group: Discussion of specific books and films about Spiritual Emergence/Emergency offer perspectives on mainstream mental health (TBA)
  • Teleconferences with Emma Bragdon: (Available monthly for SEC) Includes practice in leading support groups, questions/answers around specific concerns, & invited guest speakers.

The Master level training is for those who are already certified as coaches or psychotherapists. After acquiring 10 hours of Master Level one is recognized as Master SE Coach. List of present courses with teacher:

  • Nutrition and Micronutrients in Mental Health, Pam Shervanick, MD
  • After Ayahuasca and Plant Medicines: Supporting Integration, Dan Engle, MD
  • Brazil Tour: Learn About the Brazilian Spiritist Paradigm of Mental Healthcare and the effective model they use to help people in spiritual emergence and emergency. Emma Bragdon, PhD

Individual Supervision/ Coaching for Success: Available as an option on an hourly basis from Emma Bragdon, PhD. in person or via teleconference or skype. This may also include asking her to watch videos of sessions you submit showing you working with a client so she can give helpful feedback.

Those pursuing a deep course in this study of Spiritual Emergence/Emergency and how to care for those in psycho-spiritual crisis may pace themselves over a period of years to gain proficiency.

For those who want to become Certified as Life Coaches: we offer information on aligned organizations that offer that training in house, via teleconference, or online. We recommend only those programs accepted by the International Coach Federation.


“I enthusiastically recommend attending Dr. Bragdon’s workshop, “Effective Help for Someone in Spiritual Emergency”. Her many years as a psychotherapist, healer, scholar and presenter shine through as she presents her life’s work, creating many rewarding opportunities for expansive professional and personal enrichment.” —Ted Esser, Ph.D., Faculty at Sofia University and Director of the Spiritual Emergence Network

“…this course is vital for mental health clinicians, family members and peers, as a preventative measure for spiritual crisis, not just an immensely useful educational tool.” —Katie Mottram, Founding Director, International Spiritual Emergence Network

“This course provided a much-needed orientation to a disorienting experience, both personally and professionally. The material was presented in a very professional, normalizing manner that served to set a tone that inspires me in talking to other professionals about these matters as if this was just a matter-of-fact discussion – very useful!” —Dan Metevier, PsyD

“(I had) the opportunity to widen my scope of knowledge about the differences between Spiritual Emergence and Emergency and to increase my understanding of alternative treatment/helping models in other cultures…The lecture materials are stellar and I enjoyed the resources that followed each lesson. Emma is a fantastic teacher.” —Linda Ruthen, MSW

“We so need what Dr. Bragdon has to teach us. I recommend her courses highly and without reservation.” —David Anick, MD (psychiatrist)

“I was elated after the Practicum! I felt “If I die today, it’s all good, because I just had one of the most healing and educational experiences of my life”… Now I’m part of a vast community of new friends and like-minded people… The tools I learned in the workshop were applicable the first few hours back at the job helping people with addiction and mental health issues.” —William Smith, Addictions Counselor

“Excellent course for anyone at all interested in this field.” —Massage Therapist

“Focused on very practical skills for care and support. Excellent hand-outs with resources and guidelines.” —Peer Support Worker

“It was awesome!” —Licensed Social Worker

“…essential for anyone who wants to work with people experiencing spiritual emergency or psycho-spiritual transformation. Emma teaches material, skills and methods with wisdom and compassion and shares her knowledge and expertise with clear purpose. The fact that this course is unique in the world at this time also makes it a highly valuable opportunity.” —Jen MacDonald, Peer Counselor; Toronto,Canada