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  1. Barbara Woolley says:

    Thanks, Emma, for this cogent presentation. Appreciate!

  2. Mary Orseske says:

    How do we stop the roll out of 5g? Were do we go from here?

    1. Mary, I don’t know the full answer to your question. A good start is to educate your state senators about the risks of 5G and the need for more independent studies on health risks. Educate others. Inspire them also to contact state senators with grounded information from reputable sources.

      1. Thank you, Lu…very much appreciate your sharing of other sources of information!

    2. Barbara says:

      InPower Movement and Notice of Private Liability.
      look for episode 1 on yt

  3. Ira Nussbaumer says:

    Emma, 5G is a technology NOT a frequency. 5G is not exclusive to the MMW frequencies (24GHz-100GHz). 5G technology has been rolled out worldwide in sub-6GHz frequencies (in Switzerland where I live in the 700MHz and 3.5GHz frequency bands). See this excellent DoD document: STUDY: The 5G Ecosystem : Risks and Opportunities for DoD – Defense Innovation Board April 2019 – it has great summary charts of the 5G spectrum and worldwide rollout.
    Are you aware that 5G MU-MIMO routers have been in use in peoples homes for years? You can order them on 6G routers, which can handle up to 100 devices simultaneously (think IoT) have just been released.
    All RFR (radio frequency radiation) is biologically toxic, no matter the tech used. That includes all the wireless devices that most people take for granted and use on a daily basis.

  4. Sebastian Eggert says:

    Dear Ms. Bragdon: Thanks very much for your well-researched and fairly balanced article about the potential corrolation of 5G with the Covid-19 virus. I’m not convinced that all the deaths from this influenza outbreak are a specific new corona virus; there are many that infect us from year to year, and as I understand it the tests are as yet accurate enough to identify this specific virus. The hospitals get a higher payback from Medicare if the cause of death is attributed to (or even thought to be!) this Covid -19, and even more money if a ventilator is deployed. (There’s the financial factor.) As for 5G technology, most of what is out there now is hype by the telecoms to increase their share price and get their customers to sign on for the next big thing. They are increasing the ability of their systems to transmit more data by utilizing previously underused portions of the spectrum near or below the segments now used for 4G. Future use of the millimeter wave bands (24, 28 and 37 Ghz) may be in beta testing now in a few select urban locations but the equipment to utilize the bands in this much higher frequency are not commonly available. The systems are very expensive, not yet reliable and there is no practical business reason for them to be deployed en masse yet. It’s also good to understand that although there are plenty of so-called corona virus outbreaks in Canada and France, neither country has any 5G installed. This disproves the corrolation, but I wholeheartedly agree that ALL electromagnetic radiation affects all biological systems, as does Dr. Pall, and as such will damage cells and create an immune response. As an electromagnetic radiation specialist candidate studying with the Institute of Building Biology and Ecology I try to make sure we all understand what is happening with the current technology.

    1. thank you, Sebastian. I really appreciate your sharing your knowledge with us!

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