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  1. Tony nap says:

    You will get nothing past governments as they perpetrate this hoax and commit genocide

  2. Martha Lynch says:

    Thank you to Dr. Brownstein, Dr. Bragdon, and practitioners around the world who are finding natural treatments to help us into wellness. I so admire all of you for the courage it takes to speak out, knowing the establishment and the government will do everything they can to dismiss truth. Bless you for all that you do for humanity!!

  3. Annie Faye says:

    Bless you Lynn McTaggart for creating this information site of Dr. Brownstein‘s fabulous work. I myself had severe chronic fatigue syndrome in my 30s and was so ill I knew that I was dying at the point in which I went to Mexico and had intervenous hydrogen peroxide therapy there is no doubt it’s saved my life none whatsoever. Since learning about Covid and Dr. Brownstein‘s therapy by myself have all the products ready on hand in case needed and have shared numerous times with anyone who is willing to listen. Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information Dr. Brownstein and Lynn McTaggart! I am sharing this was widely as I can as well. People need to have choices we have the right to know ! Bless, Annie

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