Basic Remedies in Integrative Mental Health

Even though 44 million people suffer from mental health concerns in the USA today–we are often not taught the basics in mental health care.  This course will reveal them.  

Integrative mental health care is like holistic healthcare. They both try to include body and mind together in making all healthcare decisions.  Integrative  also adds something; it includes the spiritual aspects of the client in a dynamic way as well as the physical, psychological and social stressors. Integrative also integrates the most effective kinds of assessment and care from all cultures around the world.  This free course will give you the basics for applying integrative care at home.  A trusted healthcare provider can give you what is tailored to your unique needs.

Are you or your loved one:

  • Evaluating if psychiatric medications are appropriate for you
  • Looking to withdraw from psychiatric medications in a responsible way
  • Wanting to consider other options for both assessment and care, such as
    • nutrition and micronutrients
    • herbal remedies
    • homeopathy
    • energy medicine & energy psychology
    • flower essences
    • mindfulness and other meditations
    • Hatha Yoga and martial arts

See this narrated slide show to learn about the practical steps you can take to establish the basics of wellness.

The information is for educational purposes and can enhance your progress with your trusted healthcare provider.

It’s always a good idea to become knowledgeable about your options AND consult a person or team who can be of support to you where you live.

Increasing your knowledge can increase your power to recover fully and be well.

Integrative Mental Health for You