“Mental Health Awakening” Proposes a Systems Change

The Foundation for Energy Therapies, IncDon’t you agree–it’s time to expand mental healthcare to include spirituality as a dynamic component of diagnosis and care?

Our new video series  reveals details of a system that has been cultivated in Brazil for more than 120 years—a system that has been very successful in Brazil and spawned 50 special psychiatric Hospitals there.

Our Goal:

  • To help transform the mental healthcare system by revealing an effective model of an integrative approach. The Spiritist approach dynamically includes spiritual growth, also known as spiritual emergence, as foundational to wellbeing. An integrative paradigm to mental health assessment and care honors body, mind, spirit, and healthy social connection.

This film series, completed June 21, 2019,  can  contribute to a systems change in psychological, psychiatric, pastoral, and peer support services.  Vids are FREE to download and use in teaching at schools, universities, and professional associations.   Individual vids can stimulate discussion of how components of Spiritist care can improve mental healthcare outside Brazil.

Information about Spiritist Therapies will appeal to all people as Spiritists are ecumenical—never demanding membership to any religion or denying anyone’s unique philosophy of life or culture.

The new videos  surprise, expand, and delight.  For further study they can be accompanied by reading two of Dr. Bragdon’s books, “Spiritism and Mental Health” and “Kardec’s Spiritism”, and viewing a previous 30-minute documentary, Spiritism: Bridging Spirituality and Health, that depicts Spiritism both in Brazil and in the USA.  The film, Crazywise, can also be a companion film to stimulate discussion about the need for expanding mental healthcare to include spiritual emergence (the process of spiritual awakening leading to evolution).

Format & Professional Standards

View the 8 short videos  as a group or separately.

  • Four are 3+ minute interviews of healthcare providers who point out how Spiritist therapies can improve systems at home in the USA, AU, UK, and Canada.
  • Four other videos last about 8-9 minutes each and take the viewer on a tour of a Spiritist Psychiatric Hospital and into the typically very private meeting rooms of the healers who work with patients.  These healers and medical intuitives have trained for many years and are a model of teamwork.

The series includes interviews with Drs. Dagmar Ramos, a Brazilian psychiatrist, and Emma Bragdon, a North American-trained psychotherapist. They reveal  all of the components of Spiritist Therapies on location in Brazil.

The interviews were done and the footage was created by the producers of the film Crazywise when they documented a week-long seminar led by Dr. Bragdon in Brazil.  Given the excellent technical quality of the footage, combined with post-production by Bclip, the final videos are of the highest professional standard.

Why “Mental Health Awakening” Now?

Research shows that those with allegiance to spiritual practice have better mental health and better coping skills; whereas those who have no such spiritual expression have more negative mental health.  Still the education for healthcare providers rarely includes any training in spiritual assessment, education about spiritual practices that are beneficial for mental health, and how to incorporate spirituality into healthcare.

In growing numbers, people are experiencing “Spiritual Emergence”. This can be a manageable, enriching, and exciting process. But sometimes these experiences punch through the fabric of our worldview, creating a temporary but intense crisis called “spiritual emergency.”  We need to educate the public so that each person might have the opportunity to recognize their process for the gift that it is, reach into affirming channels for support, understand the emergence as a marker of  development, and become empowered to benefit from it.

Our Team:

Emma Bragdon, PhDEmma Bragdon, PhD is the Exec. Director of IMHU and the President of its Board of Directors.  She is the Executive Producer and Editor.  She wrote two of the first books published about Spiritual Emergency in 1988 and 1990.  She has trained 70+ Spiritual Emergence Coaches® through IMHU since 2015.  She is also the author of 5 other books and co-producer of two documentary films on the bridge between spirituality and health and an expert on Spiritism in Brazil.

mental health awakening

Marikka Malm is a Spiritual Emergence Coach® and a Life Coach. Marikka has been working alongside behavioral health professionals  for 12 years as a Certified Peer Support Specialist. She is assisting us with crowdfunding and social media. Check out IMHU’s instagram which she manages here.

Advisors for this film Series:

*Phil Borges, Co-producer of “Crazywise”, TED talk presenter on “Psychosis or Spiritual Awakening.”  We are deeply grateful for his help as an advisor as well as his licensing film footage for us to use.

*Paula Sellars,  Executive Vice President and Principal of Phoenix Possibilities, Inc.  Curriculum Design, Author of “Stewards of Children”.

Funding Needed:

Expenses for this project have been approximately $5,000 USD through June 24, 2019.  This has been paid for via previous donations from 29 generous donors. Emma Bragdon and Marikka Malm donated their time.  Crowdrise, the IMHU donation site, is currently dedicated to funding this project so we can pay for help to get the word out to others.

mental health awakening

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Thank you!

Emma Bragdon, PhD
Executive Director of IMHU.org