Kundalini and BioEnergy vis a vis Spiritual Emergency


In this one-hour webinar you will learn how to recognize true kundalini experiences and how to expand into full kundalini awakening. Includes a brief interview with someone who describes her experience, and how it was confused with psychosis.


Kundalini is becoming a household term…but there is a lot of misinformation afloat about what it is–and when someone is experiencing it.  This webinar gives an easy, clear definition of what it is and how a kundalini experience manifests–as well as directions on how you can cultivate a full awakening of kundalini in Self-Realization.

If you are called to Truth and want to understand the full esoteric path of Kundalini Awakening–or help others gain fuller understanding–join us!  This will be of particular interest to those involved with helping people in spiritual emergency or in spiritual emergence processes.

In this one hour webinar Emma Bragdon shares:
  • Relevant parts of her intimate story with Kundalini
  • Definitions of Kriyas, Kundalini and Spiritual Emergence
  • Wilhelm Reich and somatic therapies
  • The Journey of Kundalini Rising
  • Kundalini Misunderstandings
  • Spiritual Mentoring for Awakening Kundalini
  • References

You will also receive resources you can use for further exploration:, 63 signs of living a high vibration versus low vibration life, a video of Lauren Spiro speaking of a kundalini experience she had, and an invitation for self-reflection.


Emma Bragdon, PhD is the Founder/Director of IMHU.  She’s published two books on Spiritual Emergency and 5 other books on spirituality and health as well as two documentary films.  As a licensed psychotherapist she taught meditation as well as facilitated breathwork with her clients.  This gave her profound knowledge of both kundalini experiences as well as bio-energetic phenomena.

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