Nurturing Resilience in Kids & Teens


Learn how to nurture resilience and creativity in kids you care for.  These qualities will give them an inner foundation so they can thrive in our rapidly changing world.


Nurturing resilience is not something everyone has learned how to do.  If kids are having a hard time we often turn to our doctors first.  Doctors will too often prescribe psychiatric medications for anxiety or depression and for kids who are easily distracted.  Consider what our children are paying attention to: Kids and Teens are being bombarded by social media and screen time of various kinds. These often nurture social competition and consumerism.  This short presentation suggests how we can help our youth by nurturing resilience and creativity–qualities that will  help them thrive in a rapidly changing world.  Too many kids are on psychiatric medications needlessly.  Consider the alternatives.  We’ve gathered the best videos, articles, a musical interlude and cartoons–for information and reflection.


  1.     Kids Need Education for Life…What does that mean?
  2.     How Spiritual Community Improves Well-Being
  3.     Nurturing Resilience through Mindfulness
  4.     The Transformative Impact of Meditation on Teens
  5.     Bringing Mindfulness to Kids in School



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nurturing resilienceEmma Bragdon, PhD, was licensed as a Marriage, Family, Child Therapist in 1988.  She is the Executive Director of Integrative Mental Health for You, She has been teaching since 1990.  She is a mother and grandmother. 


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