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Birmingham, Alabama

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Lindsey Owens, MA

Peer Support


I am a four-time spontaneous mystical experiencer, certified spiritual emergence coach®, poet, and current  student in clinical psychology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) researching and facilitating psychedelic-assisted therapeutics. I have two master’s degrees in psychology (one in humanistic and transpersonal psychology and one in clinical psychology with a specialization in spirituality and mind/body practices).  I previously worked at NYU coordinating psychedelic-assisted therapy clinical trials. Based on my own sacred experiences and humbly bearing witness to those of others, I feel especially called to hold space for the experiences in life that can be difficult to articulate to another.

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Academic Qualifications

  • MA in clinical psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University
  • Current student in clinical psychology earning her PhD at the University of Alabama at Birmingham

Other Relevant Training

  • Dreamshadow Transpersonal Breathwork Facilitator

Offering support groups


Support group plan: Biweekly peer support drop in groups; multiple session closed groups in the near future.


Fee: donation ($20 suggested minimum)

Support group plan...

I’m open to trying varying structures in the future, but just in terms of where I’m at now with school and such, I believe my best course of action will be to offer a steady Sunday morning drop in group, either weekly or biweekly, with a limit of about 10 folks. Later on, I may provide more closed groups, but for beginning I could start here. See schedule for current dates and times.


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