Terry Monell, MA, PhD (c) Charleston, SC wrote:
“The webinar was wonderful.  The straightforward approach to delivering challenging concepts balanced by supporting an Optimal Wellness potential, the whole person paradigm, is so key to redefining the normal that has been standardized…people want to know where they’re going and what that looks like.  I wish you offered a PhD… I believe completely that the arena you have identified has the greatest potential for positive growth and development.

This was a remarkable and eye opening course. I had no idea that there was as much of a groundswell to view mental health challenges through the holistic lens. The idea that the question, “what is wrong with you?” should be “what happened to you?” is a huge shift in perspective that lays the foundation for the empowerment and activation of self-responsibility. The “patient” or client instead of faulting their functionality as abnormal may come to see some inherent gifts and understand how to rework what doesn’t benefit them without abdicating to the authoritative medical paradigm that proposes to know best. As well, the families may come to realize their value in serving in integral roles of critical support for their loved one on the journey to wellness.

The inclusion of peer support as a robust part of the new integrative approach makes perfect sense. Who best to guide and understand the path than someone who has been on it.

Your interview format is very successful, I think it is more effective than a straight lecture. .. The snapshot short interviews followed by the longer more in depth ones also helped to anchor ideas in a sort of introductory leading in way that worked well. 

It was very interesting to consider the subject of depression and mental health in general through such a variety of non traditional and international perspectives. The content, length, variety, and format were all well paced and organized for online learning.

IMHU’s course gave me a chance to learn about several holistic, non-medical, primary and complementary treatment modalities that I would otherwise not have encountered. I would highly recommend this interactive online format presented through Emma Bragdon’s globally researched perspective.”

From Bradan, Santa Fe, NM:
“This course is valuable for its intelligent and well-documented critique of some widely accepted practices of mental health care, especially the pervasive use of pharmaceuticals. As alternatives, it introduces a wide range of options, some traditional and some very innovative, and does this skillfully, not omitting the healing power of humor!”

From Linda Willerton, Binghamton, NY:
“Thank you so much for the opportunity of viewing the vast information you have made available in this course… I would like to commend you on the variety and scope of material for the professional, as well as the general public… It became apparent early on that this course was formed with a tremendous amount of forethought and desire to bring forth a comprehensive understanding of our mental health system that is not readily available elsewhere.

Your courses are a fantastic way to bring about a mainstream conversation. ..I so enjoyed the insights and desire to seek alternative means of healing by all of the incredible professional videos provided.  I learned a great deal.  I hope IMHU will reach a broad spectrum of individuals world wide.  Thank you so much for your dedication to healing.”

From Laurence Corman, Montreal, Canada:
I think what hit me most was the information on the withdrawal effects of medication, and how perhaps that was what I experienced when I tried stopping…i.e.It may not have been “MY FAULT”.   But what I think I appreciated most was that the course validated my spiritual experience as being essential to my “recovery”.” 

From Nina Maghsoodi, 23 years old, a recipient of a Yale Fellowship and a Mental Health Counselor recently applied for a Master’s in Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing at Yale.  She’s looking for direction in her profession. Nina discovered IMHU in November, 2013, and wrote:
“I just want to express my appreciation for the loving work that you are doing. Gratitude fills my heart and I find such hope, inspiration, energy and joy seeing this wonderful university you’ve founded! It gives me the impression and encouragement that people all around the globe are committed to bringing forth a more wholesome and loving world. … it’s such a source of inspiration for me!”

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