About IMHU


About IMHU: Lighting the Path to Wellness

Integrative Mental Health for You (IMHU) We are part of the Foundation for Energy Therapies, Inc. (FET).

FET is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization,  dedicated to education and research about the positive potentials of energy therapies. The Foundation was created in 2008 to receive monies, collaborate with other not-for-profit organizations, and oversee projects consistent with its goals.  It was founded and is still directed by Emma Bragdon, PhD.  Our stellar Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Faculty and Guest Faculty can be found in the sub-indexes of this tab.


About IMHU

Our Mission:

IMHU is contributing to improving mental healthcare through educational presentations for wellness seekers and healthcare providers.

We are advocates of Integrative Mental Healthcare 

Mental health issues can originate in biological issues, psychological and social problems, as well as the profound desire for psycho-spiritual growth.  Each area must be considered wisely in both diagnosis and treatment.   We take a cautious approach to the use of psychiatric drugs, preferring alternative methods that have proven effective.  We also encourage spiritual growth.  We recognize that at times some individuals will need special assistance for “spiritual emergency” (a psycho-spiritual crisis)–not to be confused with “illness”.

How we accomplish our mission:

1.  We inform consumers about the full range of effective options for mental healthcare and wellness.
2. We teach safe and effective techniques for spiritual  “emergence”, aka psycho-spiritual growth.
3. We offer educational programs online and in locations around the world.
4. We try to minimize pathological labeling.
5. We  maintain our not for profit services independent of special interests and lobbies.
6. We advocate that spiritual practices are essential in cultivating and well-being.
7. We believe that most mental disturbances originate in trauma and recovery is possible.
8. We research best practices and most reputable practitioners so you don’t have to.


For Healthcare Providers:

Continuing education units are available for healthcare professionals (MDs, psychologists, social workers, therapists, counselors, and nurses) to expand their knowledge and skills in integrative methods of diagnosis and care.

Location & Format of Programs:

We offer live online presentations and live courses at  physical locations, internationally.  Our online programs are user-friendly and accessible internationally for anyone with internet access.  Our presentations combine exciting videos, structured supplementary  content (reading/worksheets for self-reflection and resources) with online interaction with instructors and discussion groups among faculty and students. You can trust our secure registration.

Detailed information on our presentations is available  at IMHU.org/courses.