The Foundation of Working With Subtle Energies: The Risks and Rewards of Developing Intuition

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Pre-Recorded Online  Webinar Series with Emma Bragdon, PhD

Intuition (aka psychic experiences) that allow us to perceive subtle energies are usually considered “anomalous”, “noetic”,  “mysterious”,  “powerful” and “scary”–in the USA.  Speaking about them makes people often feel anxious and fear their mental status may be called into question.  Highly intuitive medical doctors and nurses who are esteemed as extraordinarily successful in their work may even shy away from sharing in words how it is they seem to “know” what their patients need without looking at any observable measures.

Being highly intuitive and/or seeing/feeling subtle energies in Brazil is recognized as a potential sign that this person may have gifts in facilitating others in recovering or improving health.  Those with abilities can easily get ongoing training and join a support group for study and practice to harness their abilities.

This course introduces a way we can more easily speak together about the territory of developing intuition.  The presentations are seasoned with wisdom from Brazil’s Spiritist practices as well as the Bhagavad Gita to give a trans-cultural perspective on intuition and mediumship. We approach developing intuition emphasizing its positive potentials as well as the risks and the demands of assuming a role that might be labeled as psychic medium/ healer/or sensitive.

Your Take Home:

  • Get a clear map of the territory and thus be able to make more informed personal decisions about your motivation and direction in developing your own gifts/ intuition
  • Know the ‘rules of the road’ in negotiating this territory safely so you don’t lose your mental equilibrium, your ethics, or both
  • Understand how you might want to integrate medical intuition into your work and your personal life
  • Enhance your discernment about best uses for yourself and others
  • More fully integrate your experiences of being with psychic healers and mediums in the past
  • Comprehend the benefits and risks of focusing on these phenomena
  • Assess the ethical considerations/ power dynamics involved
  • Obtain appropriate resources for developing your intuition
  • This course is a pre-requisite for an online support group for intuitive health providers working with clients to help clear blockages of a subtle nature.  This will be facilitated online by Emma Bragdon in the future.

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Date/Time: At your convenience



  1. Intuition and Psychic Opening: What’s It Good For?
    • Spiritism, Spiritualism, and Ancient East Indian Wisdom
    • Overview: Benefits and Risks of Developing Intuition
    • Repressed Mediumship vis a vis Integrating Our Gifts
  1. We Are All Mediums (at least in Brazil)
    • Rising Above Temptations: The Best Uses of Mediumship
    • The 5 Levels of Intuition
    • God’s Will for You vis a vis Your Decision
  1. Rules of the Road
    • Know the Territory & Know Thyself
    • Types of Mediumship & Their Aptitudes
    • Power Dynamics and Ethical Considerations
  1. Where Are You Now and Where Do You Want to Go?
    • Support: Supervision, Fellowship and Family
    • 3 Most Important Practices of Mediumship
    • Illuminating the Path That’s Right for You


Emma Bragdon, PhD., the Course Facilitator:

Emma Bragdon, PhD, has a PhD in transpersonal psychology and was licensed as a Marriage, Family & Child Therapist in 1988.  Since 1991 she has been teaching experiential courses that empower spiritual evolution in a safe way—creating maps and helping students build bridges into inner worlds formerly perceived as “otherworldly” as well as “enlightening.”

Emma will draw from 14 years of experience studying, publishing 7 books, and creating 2 documentary films on the subject of Spiritism and spiritual healing in Brazil.  Emma has been personally recognized as a highly trained medium in Brazil and worked in that capacity in Spiritist Centers in Brazil.  She leads groups of health providers on weeklong seminars to Brazil once or twice a year to learn from the Spiritist Psychiatrists and Medical Doctors and mediums who collaborate there in hospital settings and community centers.

Format/ Location: a series of 4 online pre-recorded webinars–each 75 min long.  The modules come to you all at once, at registration –so you can watch the webinars when the time is right for you–hopefully in sequence.  Each  webinar Emma Bragdon is facilitating, showing slides, and responding to  questions.  These classes can subsequently be seen any time a participant wants to listen/view.  Also included each week: on-topic articles, impactful videos to reinforce the content, online discussion with other students and facilitator, and recommended reading.  Participants need access to the internet through computer or mobile devices.

Time: At Your Convenience

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Continuing Education Credit: Psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, counselors and nurses can get 5 hours of credit for the course. Contact for more information.

Cost: $79, (discounted from $149 USD)

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