Spiritual Emergence Coach® Certification

We currently offer a Certification for a “Spiritual Emergence Coach®” at IMHU.  It is unique in the world.  If you want to understand more about what this training offers and what one receives after certification see this page. 

In brief, this certification is awarded when a student has successfully completed two courses of study, submitted the application, and agreed to the principles, policies and requirements for being a Spiritual Emergence Coach®.  The application and Principles can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.  Continuing Education Credit can be provided.

The required courses are 1. How to Effectively Support Someone in Spiritual Emergency, an online course with 5 webinars and unique videos, articles and personal worksheets for self-reflection and 2. Practicum, a two day live workshop given on location, not online.  Announcements about the scheduling of these courses is available by signing up for our newsletter on any page at

Course Completion Certificate for Seminar on Spiritism


The 7-day seminar we offer for healthcare providers and change agents is given on location in Brazil once a year.  This is an indepth study of Spiritist Therapies that are offered in Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals and Spiritist Community Centers.  Students meet with Spiritist psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, psychic mediums, healers, and medical intuitives who collaborate together as a team in these centers creating multi-dimensional diagnosis and treatment plans that are far more sophisticated than conventional paradigms of care.  With the help of a translator we are able to enjoy active dialogue with these practitioners.  Students also get to experience the various therapies, debrief and discuss together as a group, and explore how Spiritist therapies can be brought into practice in hospitals and community centers outside Brazil.  Networking amongst the international group that forms is a source of professional development and networking.

This is not a certification for being recognized as a practitioner of the therapies that students learn about.  Most of these therapies take months or years to learn.  However, the certificate we provide demonstrates that the participant has taken this course and become knowledgeable about the paradigm of Spiritist therapies.  Some of our students go on to obtain further training from one or more of the practitioners they meet during the seminar.