IMHU offers more than 40 courses. Almost all of them can earn CE credits for licensed healthcare providers. The number of CEs is listed for each course.

Locating Courses of Interest to Professionals

spiritual emergency

Most professionals coming to us are particularly interested in the trainings around helping people in spiritual emergency as they have not previously been exposed to this training. 

Psychedelics & plant based medicines

Increasing numbers of professionals are also interested in IMHU’s courses on the use of psychedelics, risks and benefits as well as integration.

CE Providers

IMHU has arrangements with two providers to offer CE credits.
Spiritual Competency Academy & Westbrook University

Spiritual Competency Academy

Fee: $75 USD per course

Westbrook University

Fee: $50 USD per course

How to get CE credits

When you register for a course and choose to receive CE credits, the cost for both the course and the CEs can be included in the total registration fee. 

To get CEs via Spiritual Competency Academy you must arrive on time and be present for the duration. You also must complete a quiz and course evaluation form. You will receive this information on signup.

For CEs from Westbrook University, we simply will send the CEs when we are notified that you have completed the coursework.


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