Tehseen Noorani, PhD —  Academic Advisor

Tehseen is a part-time academic adviser to IMHU. He is conducting an evaluation of IMHU, building an archive of resources, helping with updating existing and new courses. Tehseen brings expertise in psychedelic science and therapy, and psychiatric survivor and peer support movements. He is a critical social scientist by training, with a PhD from the University of Bristol (UK) and has worked at Johns Hopkins University (USA), University of East London (UK), Durham University (UK) and is currently based at the University of Auckland (New Zealand).

Sally Handy, M.ED. —  Outreach Coordinator

Spiritual Emergence Coach® 2022

Sally is our Outreach Coordinator, helping us connect with organizations including universities that may want to collaborate. Sally is particularly interested in supporting parents of young people who are going through spiritual awakening. Email Sally

Joshua Beil —  Data Controller

Josh has been involved with IMHU for over two years as both a volunteer and a paid consultant. He is the owner/operator of a Seattle-based consulting company called Technology Consultants, Inc. He is also the full time director of research and analyst relations for Acronis, a global provider of cyber and data protection solutions. At Acronis, he has been trained on data privacy, sovereignty, and control processes and procedures at a global level.

Uday Gupta, MA Spiritual Psychology —  Marketing & Promotion

Spiritual Emergence Coach® 2016

Uday is currently playing a central role in helping with marketing and promotion at IMHU. Privately he is Involved in various ventures related to media, entertainment, human potential, and technology.

Marikka Malm —  Special Projects

Spiritual Emergence Coach® 

Marikka Malm has been graciously volunteering at IMHU for years. She currently monitors IMHU’s instagram account and helps with special projects. She also facilitates support groups for people experiencing spiritual emergence phenomena as a certified Spiritual Emergence Coach®. She currently works as a peer support specialist in a behavioral health clinic in Eastern Oregon.

Spiritual Emergence Coach

Jessica Nathanson —  Customer Support

Spiritual Emergence Coach® 2022

Jessica facilitates Support Groups online from her home in Israel. She is also a guide for visitors to IMHU’s website who want help sorting out which course(s) suit their unique needs.


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