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Unique online events with experts in “integrative mental health” and “spiritual emergence” coaching ®  gives you support that is usually never available in mainstream mental healthcare. Health care providers can expand their knowledge and skill base and get CE credits. Peers and Providers can become certified as a Spiritual Emergence Coach ® to support people in “spiritual emergency”.

We believe most mental health disturbances begin with life problems like trauma, sorting out how to find meaning in life, or understanding spiritual experiences.

Grow beyond the pain. Drop the stigma associated with mental illness labels. Use effective options not based on psychiatric medications. IMHU offers education in pathways to true peace and greater satisfaction.

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We specialize in:

  • Cultivating Spiritual Emergence
  • An Integrative Approach to Mental Health


Unique Courses and Continuing Ed credits available for health care providers.

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Popular Courses

Basic Remedies in Integrative Mental Health

FREE Course: Integrative Mental Health: What is it?

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Spiritual Emergency: What is it?

FREE Course: Spiritual Emergency: What is it?

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How to Effectively Support Someone in Spiritual Emergency

How to Effectively Support Someone in Spiritual Emergency

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Psychosis: What is it?

FREE Course: Psychosis: What is it?

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