Dr. Emma Bragdon, PhD

Dr. Bragdon is an expert in the field of Spiritual Emergence and Emergency. She’s been immersed in it as a researcher, psychotherapist, teacher and published author since 1984. She is the author of seven books and co-producer of two documentary films, and the Founder/Director of IMHU. Dr. Bragdon is most well known for the seminal books she wrote on Spiritual Emergency in 1987 and 1990, and which were recently updated.


The Call of Spiritual Emergency

From Personal Crisis to
Personal Transformation

By Emma Bragdon, PhD (New Edition 2013)

A feast of revealing narratives expose the amazing story of how people deal with critical points in personal transformation, also known as spiritual emergency. This book helps anyone who doesn't have a language to understand intense inner experiences and confuses them with mental illness. If you have felt disoriented by intense spiritual experiences this book will help you understand where you are and where you may be heading. It is a map of the journey of spiritual awakening written by a psychologist who knows the territory well. Reading it may make the difference between heading off to the hospital to get drugs to stop the symptoms or staying home and knowing you are OK.  

Emma Bragdon

Resources for Extraordinary Healing

Schizophrenia, BiPolar and other
Serious Mental Illnesses

By Emma Bragdon, PhD (2011)

Through compelling, engaging stories of real people, Resources for Extraordinary Healing exposes a new paradigm describing the causes of mental disturbances and maps pathways to full recovery. The book spells out this new form of integrative mental health care that emphasizes the spiritual aspects of mental illness, and describes the new forms of diagnostics and treatment in which conventional medical doctors collaborate with spiritual healers. Resources in the USA that are working to a new model of care available are clearly described along with contact information, making this book an excellent guide and reference for individuals wanting to recover from emotional disturbances, their families, healthcare providers and students of healthcare.

Emma Bragdon

Helping People with Spiritual Problems

By Emma Bragdon, PhD (2nd Edition 2006)
Forward by David Lukoff, PhD

This Sourcebook gives comfort and direction to both people struggling to understand powerful inner experiences, and those who care for them. People in spiritual crisis have been perceived as mentally ill by healthcare professionals who are not knowledgeable about spiritual evolution. It is one of the first books to articulate the difference between symptoms of mental illness and signposts of spiritual or religious problems. Since 1990, this text has been used in graduate schools of Transpersonal Psychology, to increase the spiritual competency of psychologists.

Spiritism and Mental Health

Kardec's Spiritism

A Home for Healing and Spiritual Evolution

By Emma Bragdon, PhD (2012)
Forword by Rustum Roy, PhD

An introduction to the philosophy of Spiritism presented in a clear, easy to understand manner.  Especially of interest to those involved with healing and healthcare: this is the first book to describe contemporary spiritual healing centers in Brazil, which number over 12,000 - including a psychiatric hospital where spiritual healers collaborate with conventionally trained healthcare professionals. The author spent over a decade in Brazil studying these centers and hospitals, and the description of the methods for healing used for over 150 years demonstrate an unique and an effective model of integrative healthcare, offering effective forms of healing as a free service.

Spiritism and Mental Health

Spiritism and Mental Health

Practices from Spiritist Centers and Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals in Brazil

By Emma Bragdon, PhD – Editor (2013)
Forward by James Lake

Practiced in community centers and psychiatric hospitals throughout Brazil, Spiritist therapies are gaining increasing recognition internationally for their ability to complement conventional medicine. This pioneering text is the first comprehensive account of the philosophy, theory, practical applications and wider relevance of Spiritist therapies to be published in the English language. This authoritative text will be of interest to mental health professionals, counselors, therapists and alternative and complementary health practitioners.

Emma Bragdon

Spiritual Alliances

Discovering the Roots of Health
at the Casa de Dom Inacio

By Emma Bragdon, PhD (2002)
Foreword by Stanley Krippner, PhD

Psychologist Emma Bragdon goes to John of God’s healing sanctuary in Abadiania, Brazil and interviews visiting  physicians and healthcare providers from the USA and Europe.  They all came to expand their notions of healing and health.  They also came for personal health reasons.  Dr. Bragdon colorfully shares their perspectives on their experiences. This is useful for comparing John’s healing work to conventional healthcare and considering the roots of what empowers healing. The photographs of individuals and places amplifies the joy of reading.

Endorsements for Spritism and Mental Health

“A brilliant explanation of Spiritist practice in Brazil! … a tour de force in introducing consciousness and spirituality to psychiatric treatment. I highly recommend this book for those wishing to practice truly holistic medicine.”

John L. Turner, M.D.

Neurosurgeon and author of Medicine, Miracles and Manifestations: A Doctor’s Journey Through the Wolds of Divine Intervention, Near-Death Experiences, and Universal Energy

“Clinicians who are open to exploring transpersonal aspects of mental health and illness will find Spiritism and Mental Health absolutely fascinating. This book will also be of interest to anyone who is exploring the deeper processes and meanings of life and the human condition.”

Daniel Benor, M.D.

Psychiatrist and author of several texts documenting the research on spiritual healing — Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Healing and Caring

“Emma Bragdon’s work shows an insightful and integrated understanding of science, spirituality and the world of subtle energies. The foreword by James Lake, MD it is a testimonial of great value. This book brings new light to our understanding of Mental Health and encourages a deeper approach to healing. As a doctor and healer I found it highly informative reading. It is my belief that this type of understanding will become increasingly important in our next stage of evolution, as more of us work consciously with subtle energies to achieve a greater sense of balance and well-being.”

Alice Salazar Almeida, M.D.

College of Vibrational Medicine, London


Spiritism and Mental Health


Bridging Spirituality and Health

Produced by Emma Bragdon, PhD
and Ann Macksoud (2007)

About 40 million Brazilians visit Spiritist Centers because the spiritual therapies there are so effective for healing mental and physical illnesses. Doctors in this ground-breaking film reveal practical details in Brazil and the USA. This 33 minute documentary is in English with subtitles in French, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish.


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