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Leigh Ann Roberts, JD, PCC

Certified Coach


Leigh Ann Roberts is a certified Presence-Based, somatic professional coach, family care team facilitator and End of Life Doula at the Nashville, Tennessee based firm Thresholding, LLC. “Thresholding” is a term Leigh Ann uses to describe her approach: an embodied combination of coaching, peer support and spiritual direction with individuals and communities facing spiritual emergence including end of life, vocational/calling clarity and meditation/psychedelic journey integration partnering.

After practicing law and providing high conflict mediation services to families, businesses, large organizations and communities for over 25 years, Leigh Ann followed her heart’s calling into serving as a development coach and facilitator for individuals and groups in these pivotal times of important decision-making, change and integration.

Leigh Ann is a long time Reiki III practitioner, trained in Kundalini Yoga and gifted at helping others develop and hone their own intuitive abilities. Part of Leigh Ann’s offering is gentle mentoring of family care team members around shared death experiences in the dying or vigil process.

Leigh Ann was trained as a death doula and end of life sitter/partner by the International End of Life Doula Association (INELDA) after having the honor of supporting her own family through end of life processes. This family experience was life-changing for Leigh Ann and many of the stakeholders and members of her family.

Throughout her career, the self-determination and empowerment of the client’s wisdom and intuition has been Leigh Ann’s guiding ethic and value. Leigh Ann served as a coach and trainer for the Dying Well Project where she trained other coaches, professionals and family members in end of life partnering from a somatic/body-based coaching perspective. Leigh Ann believes coaches and other professionals play essential roles of supporting the evolution of spiritual emergence and end of life conversations in our modern day, western culture, but only by first unearthing beliefs, preferences, biases, fears, attachments and motivating drives in their own spiritual emergence, death and end of life processes.

Leigh Ann brings her expertise in group process and learning & development to individuals, families and communities navigating great transition, spiritual emergence and end of life issues. An avid supporter of the restorative justice nonprofit the Fireside Project, Leigh Ann has volunteered for years as a psychedelic peer support volunteer working with individuals experiencing spiritual emergence and emergency arising out of/following psychedelic experiences.

Language Spoken:


Academic Qualifications

  • BODY CENTERED COACHING TRAINING, Body Centered Coaching Institute.
  • END OF LIFE/DEATH DOULA TRAINING, International End of Life Doula Association
  • SOMATIC PRESENCE-BASED COACHING TRAINING, Presence Based Coaching Institute.
  • RULE 31 CIVIL MEDIATOR TRAINING, Mediation & Conflict Resolution Services, Inc.
  • JURIS DOCTOR, University of Mississippi School of Law, Oxford, MS.
  • BACHELOR OF ARTS, University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS Honors Graduate.

Other Relevant Training

  • Trainings completed in peer support
  • Harm reduction
  • Internal Family Systems
  • Family Constellations
  • Reiki I, II & III, and psychedelic ceremony facilitation and integration in exempt religious organizations.

Offering 1-1 support

I provide somatic 1-1 integration and emergence coaching.


  • Practitioner’s by session fee is generally $250.00 per session, each session ranging from 1- 1.5 hour in length)
  • Emergence Groups available by suggested donation (on group listing)
  • Reduced fee and sliding scale available based on need.

“Please contact me via my email if you'd like to connect for a complimentary 15-20-minute phone consultation, to see if we're the right fit!”

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