FREE Course: Integrative Mental Health: What is it?

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You can find mental health using many effective, non-drug  options.  Learn about “Integrative Mental Health”: what it is, why we need it, and how it can help you or a loved one.  It’s time we stop over-relying on psychiatric medications and choose healthier options.


Integrative mental health is an advance in mental health care.  It brings you the best treatments from all over the planet.  Go past the limitations of psychiatric medications.  Practical remedies, information and lots of cartoons: A 45-minute slide show, a one-hour film, recommended books, websites, and many other resources and contacts affirm that we need to update our current paradigm of care.

You will learn:
  • How to support your well being/ recovery with integrative mental healthcare
  • Simplest is often best
  • What’s tried and true over time.

Get perspective on the mythologies underlying  the effectiveness of psychiatric medications and enter into the world of effective non-drug treatments for mental health issues with the integrative mental health paradigm. Although  drugs do have their time and place, and can even save lives, we suggest: start caring for yourself in more natural ways that are highly effective before turning to the drugs that disrupt brain function and typically have very severe side-effects.

This course is not a replacement for a qualified personal health advisor.  Should you or a loved one be in a personal crisis please consult a qualified health professional to address your unique needs.



Emma Bragdon, PhD, is the Executive Director of Integrative Mental Health for You. She was licensed as a psychotherapist in 1988.  Since 1991 she has been involved with teaching as well as consulting privately.


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1 review for FREE Course: Integrative Mental Health: What is it?

  1. DR R C P JAYASINGHE (verified owner)

    An interesting, fast and informative introduction to Integrative Mental Health.

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