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ConsultationSometimes people don’t feel they have the time to take a course; they need help now! Or, they are looking for a specific healthcare provider who is trained in integrative mental health and can effectively address their personal situation, as soon as possible.

Dr. Emma BragdonEmma Bragdon, PhD. can help with finding the right healthcare provider to fit your particular needs or those of a loved one. She also offers personal coaching.

She is in an excellent position to network with other healthcare providers, and/or offer consultations and referrals, as necessary.

Dr. Bragdon is the Founder and Director of IMHU. She has created the 10 initial courses IMHU offers, facilitates them, and interviews prominent healthcare providers on topics related to effective integrative therapies. These courses also serve to update other healthcare providers on effective, new therapies and new perspectives that improve mental healthcare. Dr Bragdon was licensed as a Marriage, Family and Child Therapist in 1988, and has published 7 books about optimizing mental health.

To learn more about her coaching, please go to

You can also contact her directly by phone or email:
802-674-2919 in Vermont, USA

Coaching sessions are available by phone or skype.

Note: IMHU does not offer a crisis line. Personal coaching that may include referral is done outside of IMHU through Emma Bragdon’s private office. IMHU’s mission statement is here.

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