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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is considered by MDs to be a mental illness or brain dysfunction.  One in five boys will be diagnosed with this disorder by the time they reach high school in the USA.  Many girls will be too.  Medication will be suggested for treatment.

Do so many kids really have this biological problem that supposedly needs to be treated with medications? We may be missing the point.  Maybe it’s not biology that’s the issue…

Dwell on the GOOD NEWS in this online course when you take Parts One and Two:

  • 10 effective alternatives to ADHD medications,
  • The benefits you receive in using them,
  • The positive potentials that can emerge.
  • 10 easy things you can do at home to help your kids,
  • 6 valuable resources for more help if you need it.
  • 10 things to watch for to eliminate ADHD

We reveal what led to the rise in perceiving our kids as having problems (being hyperactive, impulsive and restless) and review the risks of giving the ADHD drugs to kids.  You will see the news briefings from current research without having to wade through it yourself.

Format: The course will come to you in in 2 parts.  Registration for Part One is below.  There are 6 modules in Parts One and Two, each of which has several short activities you can do within 5-20 minutes.  You can do the activities at any time convenient for you.  Many of the activities are watching pre-recorded videos.  Other activities include reading some brief articles and online discussion with other students and the facilitator.


Cost: $20.00 for Part One
Time: At your convenience

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Agenda for Part One:

1. What is ADHD?

  • Meet Emma Bragdon, PhD.
  • What Conventional Medicine Sees & What We Do About It
  • The Floodtide of Diagnosis: Why?

Agenda for Part Two:

2. Profits & Outcomes

  • The Spin
  • Adding Marijuana
  • Kids Overthrown by the Waves

3. Effective Alternatives: Food First

  • New Answers
  • Meet Judy Tsafrir, MD: Nutrition is Essential
  • Changing the Diagnosis: What is ADHD, really?

4. Effective Alternatives: Training Attention

  • Simon Says Do This
  • Neuro-feedback Trumps Bio-feedback
  • Millie Mindfulness Comes to School

5. Effective Alternatives: Social & Spiritual Alliances

  • Please Pass the Peas
  • Spirituality Sits at the Head of the Table
  • Accentuate the Positive

6. How to Encourage Brilliance

  • Meet Erica Goldson (18 yrs old): Says Yes to Creativity
  • Meet Logan LaPlante (13 yrs old): Loves His School
  • Meet Jack Andraka (15 yrs old): Contributes to Oncology

Location: Everywhere! Wherever you can get online with your computer or mobile device, you can take the course. Students register with our secure online learning platform, and will enter that site to be guided through course activities.  Course modules are delivered all together so you can  follow the sequence we have or cherry pick.

Cost: $20.00 for Part One
Time: At your convenience

If you are financially challenged: we invite you to apply for a partial scholarship here.



Emma Bragdon, PhD., the Course Facilitator:

Emma Bragdon, PhD, has a PhD in transpersonal psychology and was licensed as a Marriage, Family & Child Therapist in 1988. Since 1991 she has been teaching experiential courses that empower spiritual evolution in a safe way—creating maps and helping students build bridges into inner worlds formerly perceived as “otherworldly” as well as “enlightening.”

Emma will draw from 14 years of experience studying, publishing 7 books, and creating 2 documentary films on subjects pertaining to integrative health.


Judy Tsafrir, MD, Guest Presenter in Part 2:

Judy Tsafrir, MD  is a board certified, conventionally trained adult and child psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, located near Boston, Massachusetts and affiliated with Harvard University.

Although familiar and skilled in working within a traditional medical/psychiatric model, Dr. Tsafrir is now much more drawn to nutritional approaches to healing, as well as more unconventional energetic/holistic/ spiritual approaches. She has a goal of helping her patients heal with natural means: foods, detoxification and natural supplements.  She believes that healing occurs through the integration of heart, mind, body and spirit.

What Others Are Saying About Dr. Tsafrir:

“Dr. Tsafrir is patient and firm. She won’t force an idea or approach but she does repeatedly find opportunities to gently introduce new ideas in a way that feels safe. I look forward to our sessions and feel significant transformation is underway for me… I’m delighted to be on this journey with Dr. Tsafrir as my companion. She is supporting me as I am inspired to review my life with new insight, awareness, and the possibility of breaking free from longstanding patterns.” — M.Y. Framingham, MA

What Others Are Saying About IMHU Courses:

“IMHU’s course gave me a chance to learn about several holistic, non-medical, primary and complementary treatment modalities that I would otherwise not have encountered. I would highly recommend this interactive online format presented through Emma Bragdon’s globally researched perspective.”—Terry Monell, MA

“This course is valuable for its intelligent and well-documented critique of some widely accepted practices of mental health care, especially the pervasive use of pharmaceuticals. As alternatives, it introduces a wide range of options, some traditional and some very innovative, and does this skillfully, not omitting the healing power of humor!”—Bradan Beech

“Thank you so much for the opportunity of viewing the vast information you have made available in this course… I would like to commend you on the variety and scope of material for the professional, as well as the general public… It became apparent early on that this course was formed with a tremendous amount of forethought and desire to bring forth a comprehensive understanding of our mental health system that is not readily available elsewhere.” —Linda Willerton

“You are really a bridge to a new way.”—Sally Henderson, Georgia

“I’ve had the great good fortune of working with some extremely gifted coaches in various aspects of my life, and I would place Emma Bragdon in the rare and elite category of teachers who thoroughly understand the esoteric complexities of their field, and are also able to share and explain their knowledge in grounded, concise and eloquent terms.”—Markus Koch, 6 yrs. in the NFL (National Football League), twice a Superbowl champion, now a holistic healthcare provider; Michigan

Continuing Education Credit: You can sign up for 10 hours of continuing education  or CME for medical doctors. There is an extra charge of $50. for health providers receiving CEs for Parts 1 & 2. Contact for more information.

Fee for Part Two: You will find registration at the end of Part One.  Cost for Part Two is $47.00

Cost: $20.00 for Part One
Time: At your convenience

If you are financially challenged: we invite you to apply for a partial scholarship here.

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