Do you have associates/friends/clients you want to encourage to take training—or courses at Integrative Mental Health University?  It will help bring awareness to spiritual awakening, aka the process of spiritual emergence.  It may also help them become more balanced, even overcome mental disturbances.

How about a win-win-win

You encourage an associate, client or friend to sign up.  They get a 10% discount on any courses at AND they get training and skills to add to their toolbox to increase wellbeing and enhance alignment with you.  You get 10% of our income (from their registration fees).  IMHU is effective in reaching more people and can continue expanding services.

Please fill out info on a brief form to let us know you want to become an affiliate.

Click HERE and we will then fill you in on next steps.

It’s NOT complicated–and totally transparent!

You give a new student your affiliate link to use on sign up.

Our learning management system, Thinkific, uses Affiliate Links to track who has sent a new student to a site; these links are specific URLs that will include your unique Affiliate Code. Whenever a new visitor arrives at through your link, their browser saves a cookie with a record of your code, which lasts for 30 days. If that student signs up at any time during that next month for a course, they will be counted as one of your referrals. From that point on, courses they buy will earn you a commission, based on the terms of your affiliate agreement.

If you are a prior student you are already set up as a regular user of IMHU’s learning management system, a Thinkific site, and so you already have your own login and password.  Your account will mostly be the same as a student account, but as an Affiliate, it will include an additional menu with specific information related to your role as an Affiliate.  This will be provided to you after you sign up.

Remember: Next step is to click HERE and fill out a short form with info we need.

IMHU will be in touch very soon after we receive the form.

May we work together in support of all beings,
Emma Bragdon
Executive Director, IMHU

Emma Bragdon, PhD.

Executive Director,