Spiritual Emergence Coach Training



IMHU is able to provide Continuing Education credits for several of its courses through its affiliation with Spiritual Competency Academy.  This includes CEs for healthcare professionals (psychologists, MFCC, MSW, Counselors) and nurses.  This may also include transferable credits for undergraduate and graduate school students—but such students need to check with their college or university to insure the chosen credits are transferable.

Cost to you is $75 for each IMHU course in which you receive continuing education credit up to 24 units from SCA.

We will submit this information for you to Spiritual Competency Academy along with the dates of the course you are taking, the presenter, the number of CEs to be awarded, and the venue.

You can expect to receive the certificate within a week of fully completing the course.

Please be mindful:  It is not accurate to assume that every provider is approved by every state and licensing agency.  Regulations of licensing boards vary from state to state.  It is your responsibility to check with the licensing agency of your state, country or province on the CE requirements so that you comply with them.

Please sign below with your legal signature  that you have read this notice and paid the fee of $75 for each course for which you are applying for CEs from SCA.



Date _______________________


We also need the information below printed clearly or typed:

Print Legal Name & Title (type of license):


Your License number and state where you are licensed.


Email address you want the CE certificate sent to:

Course(s) you are taking at IMHU:

  1. Specify Name of Each Course
  2. Number of CEs to be Awarded for Each Course
  3. Dates You Took Each Course
  4.  Presenter of Each Course


After the application above is signed with your legal signature (not typed), please photograph or scan and send to [email protected].

Remember: Payment must be made via IMHU before your application can be processed.

Two online webinar series, “How to Effectively Support Someone in Spiritual Emergency”  and “Spiritist Therapies: Theory and Practice of a Well-Developed Transcultural Paradigm of Mental Healthcare in Brazil” offer CEs via  the Spiritual Competency Academy (SCA) for psychologists, psychotherapists, nurses and certified health and wellness coaches.  The LIVE on location course, “Spiritual-Emergence-Coach-Practicum” can also earn credit via SCA.  The fee is $75.00 USD for each course for CEs.  More soon!