Emma Bragdon, PhD,  is available for consultations and referrals live in Vermont, USA, or by phone, skype, or zoom.us.  Individuals and concerned family members  consult with her from all over the world. Location is not a problem.

For 35+ years Emma has focused  on helping others in  situations related to spiritual experiences, spiritual phenomena, and spiritual crisis/ emergency, as well as integrative psychotherapies.  She is uniquely qualified in this domain.  She published the original book on Spiritual Emergence in 1988,  “A Sourcebook for Helping People in Spiritual Emergency,”  and currently trains and certifies “Spiritual Emergence Coaches™ after they complete the curriculum she created, IMHU’s training program. 


She offers:

  • Clarification on diagnosis given by conventional mental health, e.g. “What’s wrong with me?”  “Is this psychosis or spiritual emergency?”
  • Clarification on treatment and/or management of intense spiritual experiences, e.g. “If this is a spiritual emergency, what is the best course of action/ treatment to fulfill the highest positive potential?”
  • Ongoing support for individuals who are integrating extreme states of consciousness
  • Support for those who have had disappointing interactions with healers, or damaging experiences with sacred medicines
  • Support for those looking for grounded and effective spiritual practices to elevate consciousness
  • Support for “empaths” and those with psychic abilities integrating their gifts
  • Perspective on the value of treatment through conventional mental health vis a vis integrative mental health
  • Encouraging and compassionate support for wellness seekers charting a new course in care
  • Deepening knowledge and confidence in personal aptitudes in caring for others
  • Referral to reputable resources for on-going care, including 24-hour care

Emma received her PhD in Transpersonal Psychology, was licensed in California as a Marriage, Family and Child Therapist in 1988, and has published 7 books about optimizing mental health via integrative mental health.


“I reached out to Dr. Emma Bragdon several years ago for support and guidance during a spiritual emergence experience.  Her coaching and psychotherapy work entailed psychological and social support, as well as the inclusion of spiritual practices to augment other treatments I was receiving.  As a Psychologist, I consider myself to be an excellent judge of the quality of support and guidance Dr. Bragdon offers.  Let me emphasize that she is stellar and profound in her knowledge of mental health and spiritual emergence, and the compassion, wisdom and clear direction she brought to the task was instrumental in my moving forward to wellness and recovery.  Dr. Bragdon is passionate about her work and educating efforts, about being in service and facilitating vision and value-led change for others. She has increased my spiritual competency as both an individual and a psychologist.  I am deeply blessed to have reaped the rewards of her work, care and grace on so many levels. Thank you dearly, Emma.  With you, a new journey of personal evolution has begun.”  –EDR, Ph.D., R. Psych. from Canada

As the Founder and Director of IMHU, she is in an excellent position to network with other healthcare providers, and/or offer  referrals, as necessary, because of her position at IMHU coordinating curricula on integrative mental health with expert faculty.

To learn more about her consultations, or to pay for a consultation via paypal, please go to


You can also contact her directly by phone or email to schedule a consultation:
802-674-2919 in Vermont, USA
Email: EB@IMHU.org

Note: Neither IMHU nor Emma Bragdon offer a crisis line. If you are in a crisis in the USA please call 911.