Each individual listed below was previously certified as a Spiritual Emergence Coach® after their training at IMHU.

These former SECs have elected not to keep up with the Spiritual Emergence Coach® network via annual meetups and continuing education.  Click HERE for the Directory of  Spiritual Emergence Coaches® that do stay actively engaged with annual meetups and continuing education.

Former SECs: What the STARS *** indicate in this Directory

All Spiritual Emergence Coaches® we certify have been taught a theoretical base of knowledge about Spiritual Emergence and Spiritual Emergency and relevant guidelines on how to lead successful support groups that share experiences and resources.  Any Spiritual Emergence Coach® listed below may offer support group facilitation for people who are experiencing intense phenomena associated with spiritual experiences. The SEC and group members in these groups share experiences and resources in a spirit of support.   This results in further integration and peace of mind for all involved.  SEC’s support groups may be available online or in person and, in some cases, include private social media discussion groups.  Any of the people listed below may also be sources of referral.

Former SECs: What Does A Spiritual Emergence Coach® Do/ Not Do?

Certification as a Spiritual Emergence Coach® does not qualify a SEC to act as a healthcare or mental health practitioner. See “Disclaimer of Warranties and Liabilities” below.

SECs are required to work within the mandates of their own individual licenses, scopes of practice, skills and knowledge regarding sessions of coaching or counseling individuals one to one or in a group.  In the following list those with ** designate a person with a certificate to be a coach.  Those with *** have obtained a  license from their state/ country to do one on one psychotherapy and/or  counseling and are currently registered.  Those without stars are not authorized by a licensing authority in their state or country to do one on one coaching or counseling or psychotherapy but are amply educated and skilled to lead support groups as a certified Spiritual Emergence Coach.

SECs do not replace responsible healthcare or mental health professionals, but can be an adjunct support to such providers. Similarly, Spiritual Emergence facilitation either one to one or in support groups is not a replacement for other treatment or therapy. If you are in a crisis, please seek out your trusted healthcare provider.

Former SECs® Directory


New South Wales

     Byron Bay: Jessica Jane Lawson**, Counsellor, [email protected]

     Northern Rivers: Charmain Cos***, Counsellor, [email protected]

     Bellingen: Susan Rose Priest***, Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist Ph.D, MPH, (on sabbatical)  [email protected]


     Brisbane: Angela Bardon, Peer Support/Spiritual Healer, [email protected]

     Cairns: Teresa Barrett, RN***, Psychotherapist, [email protected]

     Sunshine Coast: Jaya Jones**, MA, Counsellor / Kundalini Yoga Teacher, [email protected]


     Bundoora: Jan Hashman***, Psychotherapist/Counsellor,[email protected]

     Melbourne: Camilla Nel-Doná, Peer Support/ Shamanic Healer, [email protected], 

Western Australia

     Perth: Sohalia Fitzgerald, Nurse***, [email protected], Integration of extreme states and intense spiritual experiences…ecstatic dance.

     Perth: Simon MacLachlan, Peer Support/Counsellor, [email protected]

     Perth: Rati Roberta Riccardi, Peer Support/Energy Worker, [email protected]

South Australia

     Adelaide: Monika Goretzki PhD***, Psychologist, [email protected][email protected]

     Adelaide: Elisabeth Jensen, Peer Support/Healer, [email protected],, (passed on)


    Oosterzele: Ruben De Temmerman, RN***, Registered Nurse, [email protected]


     Sofia:  Bistra Kirova, MD, Peer Support,  [email protected]


     Edmonton, Alberta: Fola Vickers, BA,*** Diploma in Psychiatric Nursing, Shamanic Practitioner, & Integration Therapist,               [email protected]  

     London, Ontario: Jen Macdonald, Peer Support, [email protected]

     Vancouver, BC: Andrea Hollebakken, Peer Support, [email protected]


     All: Susana Bustos, Ph.D.***,  (Skype only), [email protected]

     All: Irina Peresetskaya, MS ***, Psychologist, [email protected],


     Berlin: Anja Benesch, Psychotherapist***, [email protected],


     Co. Kerry: Niamh Moran, Mental Health RN***, [email protected]

     Dublin: Sorcha Woods, Peer Support, [email protected]


     Northwest area: Sofia Livingstone, Peer Support/Addiction Counselor, [email protected],


     Ede: Dorien Knight***, MA, Licensed Social Worker [email protected]


     Porsgrunn: Susan Klein-Holmen, MA, Peer Support, [email protected]


     Singapore: Tricia Tan, Peer Support/Gallup Strengths Coach/School Counselor, [email protected]


     Barcelona: Jordana Jyoti Goldstein, Peer Support/Yoga Teacher/ Energy Worker, [email protected],


     London (central): Vera Mensinga, Transpersonal Psychotherapist***, [email protected], (passed away)

     Liverpool: Helen Allmark***, Mental Health [email protected]

     Scotland (northern): Lorna Munro, RN***, [email protected]

     Wiltshire: Maria Ravisankar, RN***, [email protected]



     Birmingham: Lindsey Owens, MA, Peer Support, [email protected]


     Berkeley: Susana Bustos, Ph.D.***, [email protected]

     Berkeley: Marlee Shore, Peer Support, [email protected]

     Los Angeles: Michele Natarajan*** , MSN, Nurse Practitioner, [email protected]

     Los Angeles: Jay Pietrzak***, Psy.D, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, [email protected]

     Los Angeles: Colette St. Clair, Peer Support, [email protected]

     Los Angeles: Jenna Abell, PsyD***, licensed Psychologist,  [email protected]

     Los Angeles: Tammy Minton Gitter, Peer Support, [email protected],

     Redding: Tyrene Siadous***, MA, MFC, 1:1 Psychotherapy, [email protected]

     San Bernadino Area: Crystal Mueller, PhD.***, licensed Psychologist, [email protected]

     San Diego Area: Allison Rees**, spiritual life coach, [email protected],   Allison’s interests lie in holding space and offering creative expression to those who seek integration of altered states of consciousness.

     San Diego: Carolina C. Labarca RN, MPH, Peer Support[email protected]

     San Diego Area: Bill Smith, Addictions Counselor/Peer Support, [email protected]

     San Diego Area: Veronica Muñoz, peer support/ holotropic breathwork,  [email protected]

     San Francisco: Jessica Katzman, Psy.D.***, licensed Psychologist, [email protected],

     San Luis Obispo area: Brooke West, Peer Support/Yoga Therapist, [email protected]


     Clearwater area:  Kathy Portiera**, Spiritual Life Coach, [email protected], specialize in supporting people during times of change and loss through meditation and individualized spiritual practices.


     Boston Area:  Allen Howell, LMHC***, Trauma Specialist, Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator, [email protected]

     Boston Area: Lisa Coppola, LMHC***, Licensed Counselor,

     Boston Area: Dave Dionisio, LMHC***, Licensed Counselor, [email protected]

     Boston Area: Nathaniel Putnam, MSW***, [email protected]

     Lowell: Leia Friedman, M.S., Peer Support, [email protected]

     North Shore Area: Jeannie Bass, Peer Support, [email protected]

     Pioneer Valley: Caroline Mazel-Carlton, Peer Support, [email protected],


   Ann Arbor: Austin Szelkowski, Peer Support, [email protected]

   Farmington Hills: Harriet Mall, PhD***, Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Trauma Specialist, [email protected]

New Hampshire

     Jefferson: Annette Nadeau, Peer Support, [email protected]

New Jersey

     NYC & Colts Neck Area: Yulia Meshoyrer, MA, Peer Support, [email protected]

     Princeton:  Kyle Buller, MA***,   [email protected], Integration of intense spiritual experiences coming from psychedelic/ plant medicines or arising spontaneously

New York

     New York City: Yulia Meshoyrer, MA, Peer Support, [email protected]


     Ashland: Mariam J. Saleh, Esq. , Peer Support, [email protected]

     Eugene:  Michelle Glass***, Peer Support/Alternative Counselor,[email protected]


     Bucks County Area: Kristine Keating, Peer Support,  [email protected]

     Allentown/Reading: Dianne Seaman Poitier, Peer Support/Past Life Therapist/Astrologer,  [email protected]


     Dallas: Katie T. Larson, PhD.**  [email protected], Dr. Larson specializes in Personal Growth and Development for Highly Sensitive People and Empaths through hypnotherapy. She helps clients explore and integrate Past Life Regressions, Life-between-Lives, and Spiritual journeywork.

     Houston Area:  Dean Alan Sims***, MAR, LCDC, Addiction Recovery Counselor /Breathwork, [email protected]


     Burlington area: Lucas Jackson, Peer Support, [email protected] 

     Montpelier area: Carol L. Noyes, Peer Support,[email protected]

     Montpelier area: Reed Bender, Peer Support, [email protected]


     Kent: Josh Beil, Peer Support, [email protected]

     Port Townsend: Amy Lynn Koch, PT, Peer Support, [email protected]

     Walla Walla: Marikka Malm, Peer Support, [email protected]

Former SECs: Disclaimer of Warranties and Liabilities

Many certified Spiritual Emergence Coaches also have other credentialing, professional training and/or licensure to practice in their respective field as a mental health counselor or therapist. IMHU certification as a Spiritual Emergence Coach does not replace any such appropriate licensure in the fields of counseling, social work, psychology, psychiatry or any other similar credentialing as a licensed healthcare or mental health practitioner. Anyone who holds himself or herself out as a qualified professional mental health practitioner must have obtained their relevant credential, training, and/or license independent of IMHU certification.

The material included on the SEC Locator is for informational purposes only. IMHU does not warrant or represent that this material is either complete or accurate. IMHU uses a number of sources to compile the information included in the SEC Locator, and there may be errors and delays in reporting and processing this information. As a result, IMHU and its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, partners, and agents make no representations or warranties of any kind regarding the material found on the SEC Locator. This warranty disclaimer includes, but is not limited to, disclaimers of the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Inclusion of a SEC who has completed the training from IMHU is not and does not imply any IMHU referral, endorsement or recommendation, nor does the omission of any individual indicate any disapproval.

You and the specific SEC you contact assume full responsibility for any interactions you may have with the SEC you contact through the SEC Directory. IMHU and its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, partners, and agents shall not be liable to you or to any other person for any decision you make or action or inaction you take in reliance on information provided or omitted by the SEC Locator.