Job Opportunity: In Brief

Job involves coordinating a small team to expand course offerings, update 40+ courses when necessary, manage promotion, Continuing Ed credits, and fund-raising.

This is an opportunity for someone with entrepreneurial skills to expand the audience and income. Current Director/Founder is ready for retirement.

If you are passionate about helping with consciousness expansion, educating about psychedelic-assisted therapies, and optimizing mental health—please read the longer description below.

In More Detail

Integrative Mental Health University,, is a small, not for profit, 501c3, educational organization.  Our mission:  to improve current mental healthcare by educating about effective psycho-social & spiritual healing modalities and engaged spiritual practices, like meditation.  Executive Director is looking for someone to take on her job.

We are looking for a person(s) with passion about forwarding integrative mental health with particular interest in the healing potential of practices that elicit spiritual awakening.  Prospective(s) needs to have a strong desire and skills to address an audience that includes the public (people with lived experience) as well as healthcare providers.

This job entails working remotely via computer icreating and executing sustainable business strategy in the not for profit sector.  This includes managing promotion and overseeing website design and SEO, creating newsletters, overseeing management of continuing education credits, managing outreach campaigns, and overseeing bookkeeping.  It also includes maintaining online courses, youtube and vimeo channels, fundraising, managing our affiliate program, communicating with new students and keeping up with certified Spiritual Emergence Coaches® we have trained,

Previous networking with aligned organizations and individuals would be helpful.  Proximity to central Vermont is a plus.

Person needs to have:

  • Strong desire to make a commitment to the organization’s mission
  • Competitive spirit to forward unique niche of IMHU.
  • Enjoyment in envisioning/ brainstorming the future of IMHU—openness to collaborative efforts with other orgs
  • Good working knowledge of Microsoft Word to read/edit archived materials
  • Familiarity with blogging once a week or inviting guest bloggers
  • Rudimentary knowledge of editing on WordPress websites is a plus.  (OK with collaboration with webmaster/designer for more sophisticated web changes)
  • Willingness to learn how to navigate course creation and updating existing courses via our online learning management platform,
  • Excellent communication skills via speaking and writing, for interacting with prospective students, representing the organization at conferences, in podcasts, and other public events both online and in person.
  • Creative abilities to create a newsletter once a week or bimonthly via Mailchimp. We engage social media promotion via Facebook, Linked In, Connect 365 and Twitter.  A volunteer manages our Instagram account.
  • Excellent organizational skills to maintain order with finances/ communications/ office management.

Prospect would ideally have a graduate degree in psychology and/or counseling.with a transpersonal emphasis.  Otherwise, another individual could be employed to update and originate more courses and community meetups:

  • Interest in teaching courses (live and/or online) if applicant has prior appropriate expertise.
  • If licensed and experienced in teaching about Spiritual Emergency: holding monthly meetups with Spiritual Emergence Coaches®
  • Teaching the Practicum to certify Spiritual Emergence Coaches®

Emma Bragdon and IMHU

IMHU’s Executive Director, Emma Bragdon, PhD, is the founder of the Foundation for Energy Therapies, Inc. DBA IMHU. Both are registered in Vermont.   She has directed IMHU since its inception in 2013.  She is willing to share the job of Director as the new Executive Director becomes comfortable with the transition.

About IMHU: We have no outstanding debt at this time.  We have considerable intellectual capital in the 40+ courses as well as name recognition.  We are open to someone(s) purchasing this intellectual capital or creating some other way of making an equitable transfer of intellectual property.

Salary: to be decided.  This is a job that can start small with a collaborative project and potentially grow into a full position.


Contact-  Please send CV and introduction to you to

Emma Bragdon, PhD, Windsor, VT, USA

Landline: 802-674-2919

Email: [email protected]