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IMHU is a not for profit charitable organization. We are self-sustaining

based on money we receive for course registrations and presentations. As a result,

we do not depend on any advertisers or sponsors on our site to make ends meet and so we

remain independent. We would like to continue in this way.


We also understand that many people drawn to the information we make available

are short on funds as a result of stressful circumstances, including the pandemic. When we can, we offer partial scholarships.


If you want to apply for a partial scholarship please send us:

  1. Your name and email you prefer for payments. (If you have several names and emails you like to use, please let us know.)
  2. Where you are located (city, state, country)
  3. What you plan to use the information in the course for (e.g. personal

assistance, improving support of others, etc.)

  1. How much you feel you can pay at this time
  2. When you can make your payment


Please address your query to [email protected]

Subject line: “Partial Scholarship Request”. If accepted we will send you an invoice via paypal. Please keep in mind: We are not set up to easily offer a payment plan.

We do take most credit cards, Stripe and Paypal. (Paypal does offer plans in the USA for US citizens to pay over time.)


We do not have time to read very long letters so please–no longer than one page.


We try to answer these queries within 24 hours on business days.


If you are in a position to offer money for scholarships for others: please go to our

donation page:


Thank you for your attention,


Emma Bragdon, PhD.

Executive Director,