Schizophrenia, Bipolar andOther Serious Mental Illnesses

Author: Emma Bragdon, PhD.

From Lightening Up Press, 2012 Softcover & ebook formats

We have 6 times more people in the USA with serious mental illness now then we did in 1955. Sixteen million Americans (5% of our population) are crippled by serious mental illness according to the National Institute of Mental Health. It’s crazy, but top research psychiatrists now admit “We still don’t know the cause of most mental illness; indicators show it is not a ‘broken brain’ that can be fixed by medications.”

This is an excellent guide and an inspiring reference for those suffering with emotional disturbances, their families, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, healthcare providers and students.

Resources-for- Extraordinary-Healing exposes a new paradigm about the causes of mental disturbances and maps pathways to full recovery. An effective model of care from Brazil that has been developed since the 1930s is described. The treatment addresses biological, psychosocial, and spiritual issues– not separately, but together. The collaborating healthcare team is made up of medical doctors, psychiatrists, medical intuitives and spiritual healers. Trained volunteers bring compassionate understanding and companionship. It is more cost-effective than our system.

Compelling stories point to accessible resources in the USA that are similar to what Brazil offers. Contact information is well organized, making this book an excellent guide and an inspiring reference for patients, their families, psychotherapists, psychiatrists and healthcare providers. It will be of value anywhere people seek information, compassionate care, and illuminating perspective on recovering mental health.

Can one recover from serious mental imbalance? How? These questions are increasingly important to emotionally disturbed people and the governments supporting them.

This book helps clarify the need for a cautious approach to psychiatric medication.  You will explore the model of integrative psychiatric care used in Brazil, and get resources for those who live outside Brazil.

Read and meet a groundbreaking new paradigm that illuminates the practical application of spirituality to mental health care. Compelling real-life stories point the way. Contact information for safe homes, sanctuaries, empowerment centers and private practitioners are given with recommendations for further learning. 



“This powerful book is a reference and guide for anyone wanting to fully heal from profound emotional disturbances, as well as their families and health providers.”–Jill Leigh, Founder and Director, Energy Healing Institute, Portland, OR

“This is an excellent overview of integrative–and successful–ways of discovering and recovering mental wellness without resorting to brain-altering drugs that may be harmful and numb the soul.”–Mark Foster, DO, family physician and author

“Resources-for-Extraordinary-Healing is a valuable compendium on integrative approaches for healing from serious mental illnesses…  It offers guidance as well as many resources for embarking on a spiritual approach to healing from mental illness. The author, Emma Bragdon, PhD, writes in a style that is concise, yet full of wisdom and compassion.”–Erica Elliott, MD, Family physician in private practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

“I highly recommend this book to anyone who wishes to learn more about the practical application of spirituality to healing from addictions and emotional distress.”–Leah Harris, MA, Communications and Development Coordinator, The National Empowerment Center

“This book can save lives. It has much to offer our modern world of education.”
–Kent Ferguson, Co-Founder and Headmaster, Santa Barbara Middle School;  advisor to various public and independent alternative, progressive,
Waldorf, Montessori, and therapeutic schools.

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