Spiritism Film


33 minute Documentary FILM

In English with options for subtitles in French, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish

Distributed by Spiritual Alliances, LLC.

Produced by Emma Bragdon, PhD, and Ann Macksoud of Old Dog Documentaries

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Spirituality is intimately tied to wellness. Current science and books written by psychiatrists and psychologists are validating this now–but  in the West we are not sure what form it will take to benefit people.

You will see a very workable form of bringing spirituality into mental health in Spiritist Centers in Brazil where psychic mediums and healers use specific ’Spiritist’ therapies to help people heal from mental and physical illnesses, and enhance spiritual growth.   All is given for FREE.  They follow the foundational works of Allan Kardec, a French academic.

In the film you will:

  • Witness the secret, gentle process of releasing mental patients from obsessions and negative thinking — which has helped severely ill patients return to normal life.

  • See a form of laying-on-of-hands Spiritists use to help patients heal from degenerative diseases, balance their energy field and chakras, and stay balanced emotionally.

  • Hear about the steps of personal transformation needed for true healing.  Compelling interviews with physicians and Spiritist leaders give testimony to the effectiveness of these therapies.

  • See intimate, dramatic footage of indigenous healers communing with God and Nature depict the potential human beings have always had for direct communication with benevolent, intelligent, invisible forces.  This film shows one way it can enter into contemporary hospitals and community centers.

Kardecist Spiritist Therapies have been developed in community centers, hospitals and clinics for more than 150 years in Brazil. We invite you to contemplate how successful they are in feeding our spiritual hunger, helping us evolve, and whether these approaches can help our ailing health care system. We invite you to contemplate the notion that they are facilitating participants in reaching their highest human potential.

This  documentary is important for anyone interested in healing, Reiki, Touch-for-Health, nursing, shamanism, cross-cultural medicine, human potential, and Whole Person Health, ie. Body, Mind, and Spirit Health. It dispels myths that Kardecist Spiritism is involved with voodoo, animal sacrifice and superstition. It validates the contemporary, scientific aspects of spiritual healing–suggesting these therapies have a place alongside conventional allopathic care. It invites further discussion, study and research.  It will also illuminate what how Spiritism is quite different than other Spiritualist groups in Brazil.

Important NOTE About Amazon.com

Amazon.com has confused this film with another film and also with other books.  If you search the film on Amazon: Sometimes you will find graphics that don’t fit the correct film case.  Sometimes what is posted are  reviews from people who haven’t watched this film–but another one.  Amazon.com says this fits in the category of “horror”–this is by no means accurate!  Everything in it speaks of kindness and healing.   Do not get the “Director’s Cut” they advertise–it is a different film that is NOT “Spiritism: Bridging Spirituality and Health”. It is a wholey different film. Most reviews are for products that are not related to the film. Hopefully Amazon will correct these mistakes  by removing the mention of other films and books from this listing.  It’s been 15 years we’ve been asking them to make the changes.  The errors are still there.  Be aware: The film you are looking for was launched in 2008.


About Emma Bragdon, PhD

SpiritismDr Bragdon spent 6 months of each year between 2001 and 2012 in Brazil studying and participating in Spiritist events.  She was the honored guest at Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals who welcomed her interest  in their paradigm of care.  She was also introduced to many Spiritist Centers in Brazil and, later, in the USA.  Since 2012 she takes health care providers on location in Brazil once a year for a 7 day seminar to learn about Spiritist Therapies in these hospitals and Community Centers.  IMHU also offers a course for armchair visitors.  Why?  She has been deeply impressed with how they have developed a very sophisticated way to heal,  advance evolution, and care for those struggling with their awakening/ aka spiritual emergence.  She believes what they have developed in Brazil is far better than what we have outside Brazil as the Spiritists acknowledge phenomena related to awakening in their mental healthcare.  The USA and Europe can learn from Spiritists’ achievements.

The President of one Spiritist Hospital asked Dr. Bragdon to be the hospital’s “Ambassador” –to teach about their paradigm of integrative mental health to people coming from outside Brazil who want to learn more.  Other administrators in other Spiritist Hospitals continue to invite her to bring healthcare providers to them to share information. This has been a clear endorsement of  her deep understanding of Spiritist philosophy and practice.


Viewer Reviews

Spiritism Film

This DVD opened for me a gateway into the way Spiritists in Brazil combine Spiritual Healing with convential medicine. It makes a link between Shaminism and the healing work of Spiritist hospitals who treat the whole person by giving loving assistance to those spirit entities who are stuck in the energy field of the patients.The film reports that they estimate that these spirit entities are implicated in 60% of cases of mental illness,
In the presentation we see a healing group at work and have commentary as to what is happening. It is well narrated by Emma Bragdon who takes a very practical,questioning, and down to earth approach to this important subject. It is a short film 33 mins and packs in a lot of very honest and truthful comment from its contributors. I was inspired to explore the subject further as a result of my viewing. A wonderful measured introduction to the whole subject of Spiritism and its contribution to our Health.–Raymond Cadwell, PhD., psychologist and  BioMagnetic Healer from Ireland

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